Tuesday, November 26, 2013

THIS is what the American anti-gay right did to Uganda

The trailer of this documentary 'God Loves Uganda' is easily the most heartbreaking thing I have seen in a long time. This is what the American anti-gay right did to this country and it's awful.

Go here to Political Research Associates to read an interview with the creator of this documentary, Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams.

'Anti-gay right rally to defend supporter of Russia's homophobic laws' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Religious Right Piles On To Defend Proponent Of Russia Anti-Gay Laws - To the American religious right, a secular bakery owned by "Christian" making a cake for a gay couple = persecution but a country which forbids your freedom to assemble or to express yourself, and whose police will do nothing while homophobes beat the hell out of you in their presence = "preservation of morality and Christian values." Things have certainly changed since Jesus was crucified. 

Correction: Greeks are not giving themselves HIV to get government benefits - That's one urban legend shot to pieces, thank goodness. But why oh why couldn't they handle the lies about black men on the "down low" as swiftly? 

 Arkansas Supreme Court Overturns Ruling Preventing Gay Man’s Partner From Sleeping Over When Son Is Present - Good news part 1!

 Judge Orders Expedited Marriage For Gay Couple - Good news Part 2 but for a bittersweet reason.

Truth Wins Out catches the 'attention' of anti-gay news source

It looks like one of my mentors, Wayne Besen, and his group Truth Wins Out has hit the "big time."

The organization has the American Family Association's One News Now spinning horror stories about it:

A radical homosexual group, "Truth Wins Out," is calling for the termination of Dr. Mike Rosebush, who has been named as the chief of Character and Leadership Coaching at the Colorado Springs school. Air Force cadets at AF Academy.

Rosebush is a former homosexual who has successfully come out of the lifestyle and has been an advocate for reparative therapy. Peter LaBarbera, founder and president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, calls "Truth Wins Out" a "vicious homosexual activist group."

 "Ex-gays are now one of the most politically incorrect groups in American, one of the most persecuted groups," says LaBarbera, noting that reparative therapy counseling is being banned in two states, California and New Jersey.

Homosexuals want so badly to convince the public that their lifestyle is acceptable, they want to do damage to those who have left because it proves their spin is simply not true, LaBarbera claims. He adds: "For the homosexual movement that demands respect, it's pretty odd that they are leading the hateful charge against ex-gays and ex-lesbians, people who are mostly Christian, who left the homosexual lifestyle through the grace of God. But, boy, do they catch the hatred and the intolerance from the liberal left and the homosexual lobby."

Despite the claims of groups like "Truth Wins Out," many people have come out of the sinful homosexual lifestyle and now live normal healthy lives. 

Isn't always so "odd" how religious right groups and activists seem to brand every gay group as "radical." And of course One News Now didn't even seek out any comments from Besen or Truth Wins Out.  If One News Now had acted like an actual news organization, it would have been informed of the following, which is included in Truth Wins Out's press release on the matter:

Rosebush served as a vice president for Focus On The Family, as a professional member of NARTH, and was the director of the Professional Counselors’ Network for Exodus International. He also co-authored a handbook on “unwanted homosexual attractions” with NARTH’s Joseph Nicolosi and George Rekers, the longtime “ex-gay” activist who was infamously caught taking rent-boys on European vacations. Rosebush has devoted his life to disproven, harmful junk science, and with such credentials, has no place serving in a counseling role in the United States Military.

 . . .  Rosebush’s former employer, Exodus International, closed its doors this year, acknowledging that “reparative therapy” and other efforts to change a person’s sexual orientation do not work and often do damage. Every major professional medical and mental health organization concurs with this assessment. However, NARTH and Focus On The Family have not taken steps to acknowledge this truth, and there is no evidence that Dr. Rosebush has decided to embrace real science and ethical counseling methods. As such, cadets at the Air Force Academy are in danger of being counseled in ways that violate all the accepted tenets of the counseling profession. Though the Air Force Academy claims that Rosebush does not directly counsel cadets, the organizational nature of his job — which seems very similar to his role with Exodus International — puts them at risk just the same.

The fact of the matter is that with  gays and lesbians being allowed to serve openly in the military coupled with the fact that "ex-gay" therapy has no basis in truth or accuracy, Truth Wins Out's concern in this matter is genuine and sincere. In other words, this is not a case of a so-called radical gay group targeting an man because he is supposedly ex-gay. This is a case of a group bringing attention to the fact that a man with a long history of embracing anti-gay junk science now being put in a position where he could potentially place the well-being of some of our service members in jeopardy.