Monday, October 08, 2018

'Designing Women' goes looking for a lesbian

It's Monday and I should be revving up to give hell to the anti-LGBTQ industry but sometimes a queen needs a little more time to get himself together. So I will let my friend Matt Baume handle the blog spot tonight featuring this landmark episode of  Designing Women:

When we think about gay characters on sitcoms, we usually picture people in big Northern cities. But season four of Designing Women features an unusual southern and conservative take on having queer friends. And it also set the stage for Ellen’s coming out episode, just a few years later.

'Taylor Swift endorses two Democrats in Tennessee races because of LGBTQ & women's rights' & other Mon midday news briefs

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift calls out a Republican for opposing LGBTQ rights - Taylor Swift made a huge political statement last night, causing a welcomed controversy. She said she endorses the Democratic candidates in the TENN races during midterms because of LGBTQ & women's issues. She also called out GOP Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn for her lack of support of women's issues.

Taylor Swift endorses two Democratic candidates in Tennessee races - More on this situation. What this will do  to the races is not known. But it makes things more interesting.

Education Dept. to investigate hate group’s claim that transgender inclusion caused alleged assault - Anatomy of an Alliance Defending Freedom smear. I posted this before but I am reposting it because I encourage everyone to read it on an analytical basis. THIS is how the Alliance Defending Freedom undermine LGBTQ rights. Notice how the hate group puts a regular person up front as the face and voice of its cause, just like it did with the baker Jack Phillips in the Masterpiece case. The difference is that in this case, ADF is up against a school district which has its ducks in a row and its facts gathered. HOWEVER, the Trump Administration's education department is "investigating" and count on the woman in the video below to be interviewed unchallenged in the media, such as Fox News and 'The View," just like the baker Jack Phillips was. And we all know how that turned out.

Black Mothers Of LGBTQ Children Need Space To Share Their Experiences - YES!  

Record number of U.S. cities earn perfect scores for LGBTQ equality - Color me surprised.