Friday, May 31, 2013

Know Your LGBT History - Ex-gay therapy

Some things (no matter how vile they are) need no introduction. Here are a few clips about "ex-gay" therapy and the role it plays in harming our community:


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'Ex-gay therapist claims to turn 'gay brains' heterosexual' and other Friday midday news briefs

Ex-Gay Therapist Promises to Turn Gay Brains Straight - Mercy! These religious right folks:


 In other news:

 “Pederastic Cotton Candy”: WND’s Five Craziest Responses To The Boy Scouts Vote - Mind-numbing homophobia as only World Net Daily can deal.  

Laura Ingraham Dispenses Dangerous Advice For Raising Transgender Youth - Laura Ingraham needs to remember that she has a gay brother, so every ignorant thing she says about lgbts hurts him. 

Anti-gay activists to hold anti-Pride press conference in front of HRC building - Great. Porno Pete is holding a press conference in front of the Human Rights Campaign headquarters next week. Now if we were to do the same thing in front of the Family Research Council headquarters, they would call a S.W.A.T. team.

At Muslim LGBTQ retreat, attendees try to reconcile their faith and sexuality - Excellent article! 

 Illinois Conservatives Demand Right To Discriminate In Marriage Equality Bill - It's a ruse. They don't want a marriage equality bill in the first place.

Attack on gay families undercuts message of anti-Christian 'persecution'

Lord, hammercy, where to start?

You can watch the entire thing, but if you really want to hear something, start at 8:22 where Matt Barber and Mat Staver from the Liberty Counsel begin going on tangents regarding what's wrong with gay adoption.  Watch how Matt Barber continues to cite the Regnerus study (even though that study has been continuously refuted and discredited) to make the case against same-sex households.

And then Barber compounds the offense by viciously attacking same-sex families. According to him, gays "purchase children"  and says "it's like having little pets."

There comes a time when you stop getting angry at folks like Barber and Staver. Why should you? They make the lgbt community's case for us in regards to the animosity against us by the religious right.

It's really funny when you think about it. While Tony Perkins and Maggie Gallagher weave a tapestry of lies about gays "persecuting" Christians for their "deeply held beliefs," behind them are Barber and Staver putting a torch to that tapestry every time they open their mouths.