Thursday, March 16, 2023

'Not A Drag Queen' exposes how the far-right ignores actual child predators

The far-right has gotten the country all up in arms with their attacks on drag queens. Just as they claimed about gays in the past, they are accusing drag queens and drag shows of 'sexualizing' kids. They also claim that drag queens are convincing kids that they are transgender.

It's ridiculous, being ridiculous has nothing to do with it. Nor does lack of truth. It's all about exploiting people's prejudices and religious beliefs in order to create a narrative justifying anti-LGBTQ laws, ordinances, and actions. And as we see, it has been fairly successful across the country with states like Tennessee and Kentucky attempting to pass laws falsely designating drag performances as adult-oriented and restricting them from being performed in public places and in front of kids.

But like with all fights against intolerant and powerful apparatuses, those being picked on develop ways of fighting which are cutting and to the point. On Twitter, folks have spread the hashtag Not A Drag Queen. The purpose is to point out that while the far right accuse drag queens of 'sexualizing' kids, they are ignoring the actual predators (yes I am talking to you Libs of TikTok and Gays Against Groomers). Even those who may be in their ranks. And they have a lot to work from.

Several tweets are as follows:

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