Sunday, July 05, 2020

'Putin mocks US Embassy for flying rainbow flag' & other Mon midday news briefs

Putin mocks U.S. Embassy for flying rainbow flag - Really? It's a shame we don't have a president who stands up to Putin. 

Republican Who Came Out as Gay in Utah Ousted in Primary - Somebody learned a nasty but needed lesson.

Three Trans Americans Killed in Past Week, One in Hospital Post-Attack - I don't like posting stuff like this but we have to stop putting our heads in the sand. 

These Are All the Celebs Who Came Out During Pride Month 2020 - Good for them!

Comedian Sampson's hilarious stand-ups about being black and gay in the barbershop and in church

Worst Fourth of July holiday weekend EVER.

But to get over it and fortify myself - and hopefully a lot of y'all - for this upcoming week, I'm posting two clips of one my favorite comedians, Sampson. In these clips, he talks about how gay black men have to deal with two issues not talked about that much in the mainstream LGBTQ community - how the forced hypermasculinity of black men in general damages our psyches (NSFW) and the hypocrisies of the black church when it comes to black gay men.

It sounds boringly intellectual when I say it, but Sampson nails both issues with doses of hilarity which makes him an underrated talent.