Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ann Coulter wants to choose who gets civil rights

Ann Coulter is has just written a book on racial issues. Yes THAT Ann Coulter.

Now knowing the Ann Coulter formula - which has reaped a lot of success for her, this is what is going to happen:

1. Her book will be filled with nonsense and ad hominem attacks

2. In promoting the book, she will say some absolutely shocking and outrageous things

3. Coulter will then exploit the controversy to sell more books while whining about how she is merely trying to press a point of view. She will also whine about being "silenced" by liberals.

I'm here to report that we are now at point two, as evidenced by today on the ABC news program "This Week." Coulter gives her view on just what is civil rights and who deserves civil rights: Ann Coulter tires me out. She is a fraud who likes to be provocative to make money but when all of the controversy and insanity dissipates, she really isn't saying anything thought-provoking or intelligent. Or better yet, my feeling about Ann Coulter is shared by this snippet from the episode of the Adult Swim program, "The Boondocks" (Editor's note - The following clip is NOT safe for work):

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