Sunday, August 02, 2020

Audio - Nixon did NOT like LGBTQ people

How's this for a history lesson?

Before Trump sauntered his repulsive self into the White House, Richard Nixon was probably considered by many to be the worst president in American history. Though some would argue that he did some good things while in office, the Watergate scandal which mushroomed and caused him to resign before he would have most likely been kicked out of office, is the thing he's most remembered for.

And that takes away from things like the following audio of him bashing the television show 'All in the Family' and gay men in general. Nixon espouses the same nonsense that the majority of us have heard about we being the downfall of society. The irony is that, well this is Nixon whining about immorality. Nixon!

Still, it is absolutely jarring to hear the President of the United States slurring gays, particularly in contrast to the progress our community has made since then.