Tuesday, April 02, 2024

'Right-wing publication retracts article about Biden and Easter, former anti-LGBTQ leader disbarred after Trump elector scheme' & other Tue/Wed news briefs

Former head of the National Organization for Marriage and now former attorney (unless he wins on appeal) John Eastman became the latest proof of whatever Trump touches always dies.

 Editor's note - As you may have noticed, I've dropped my daily news briefs from being a regular feature. However I have devoted posts to news briefs when there are days in which too much stuff is going to focus on one thing.  And today is such a day. From a right-wing wing publication retracting a false story about Biden and Easter, to a former head of an anti-LGBTQ group (the National Organization for Marriage) getting officially disbarred because his participation in Trump's fake electors schemes, to the passage of a bill in Tennessee which would be trouble to LGBTQ foster kids, to a huge victory against an anti-trans bill in Wisconsin.

Daily Caller Fully Retracts Article Claiming Biden Banned ‘Religious Easter Eggs’ From White House Contest - And let's start with what I call an Easter miracle - a far right publication retracting a smear job on President Biden: 

 The Daily Caller on Tuesday retracted an article claiming that the Biden White House banned “religious Easter eggs” from an art contest at the annual Easter Egg Roll over the weekend. The claim had spread through right-wing media, even though it was quickly and widely debunked by various fact-checkers and anyone familiar with the history of the event. 

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 John Eastman's law license yanked in California after judge recommends disbarment: report - Bye, bye, Johnny. Whatever Trump touches always dies. 

 A onetime attorney for former President Donald Trump cannot practice law in California after a judge's ruling recommended disbarment, according to state records and reports. A bold red message on the State Bar of California alerts viewers John Eastman is "Not Eligible to Practice Law," the progressive news site Democracy Docket was among the first to report Tuesday.  
The status update comes with a hefty consumer alert warning would-be clients that Eastman was been charged with a felony in Georgia, where Fulton County District Attorney Fani Wills has accused the lawyer, Trump and more than a dozen others with election racketeering. 

For those who are not aware, Eastman was the head of the National Organization for Marriage, the group behind the unsuccessful fight to stop marriage equality: 

 Eastman also has a long history of anti-LGBTQ+ activism. He became NOM’s board chairman in 2011 and compared marriage equality to slavery in 2014, saying that courts had “illegitimately” decided on the issue and that voters should decide instead. He also tried to get NOM to defend several states’ same-sex marriage bans in courts, though a federal judge ruled that NOM lacked the legal standing to do so. He has supported Uganda’s criminalization of homosexuality, called homosexuality an indicator of “barbarism,” has called same-sex marriage “evil” and “despotic,” and has claimed that the LGBTQ+ equality movement promotes pedophilia, according to Right Wing Watch. 

 In other news: 

Wisconsin Gov. Evers vetoes transgender high school athletics ban, decries "radical policies targeting LGBTQ" 

Tennessee Passes Bill Allowing Non-Accepting Parents To Adopt LGBTQ+ Kids