Thursday, September 07, 2017

Religious right pastor claims he has talked with Trump about judicial appointments

There is a verse in the Bible which says "pride goeth before a fall." Someone needs to tell that to pastor and Trump advisor Robert Jeffress.

From People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch:

Trump is talking about judicial appointments with THIS man

Texas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress, who serves as a top evangelical ally to President Donald Trump, told Christian radio host Sandy Rios today that he met with Trump last week to discuss moving his judicial nominations through the Senate. Jeffress, who has declared that God has authorized Trump to go to war with North Korea, pronounced that God had intervened to make Trump president and said that Trump’s border wall and his attacks on the media are soundly based in the Bible, told Rios that he told Trump that Senate Republicans were holding up his nominations.

“Listen, I want to be very clear about this, Sandy. I had the chance to talk to the president and his team last week about this bigger issue of these federal judge nominees being blocked,” Jeffress said.

. . . Jeffress has a well-documented history of homophobic statements that include labeling gay people as either pedophiles or child abusers, claiming that the gay rights movement will welcome the Antichrist and suggesting that homosexuality will lead to the “implosion of our country.” The megachurch pastor also has a record of hostility to Muslims, Jews, Mormons and Roman Catholics.

Are you scared yet?

Anti-LGBTQ hate groups wages pathetic war against SPLC

Right under our noses, conservative and religious right groups are waging a serious war with the Southern Poverty Law Center because the organization has rightfully labeled many of them as hate groups. They have amassed a lot of attention for their efforts on twitter, on the right-wing blogsphere and on pseudo-news programs such as the one anchored by Fox News personality Tucker Carlson.

It's ugly to see but also funny in a way. For all of their fury, organization, and discipline to their narrative, the only folks they are resonating with are the ones who already share their opinions.  Even worse for them, their desire to slander SPLC only opens up new avenues to have the debate that they don't want.

In other words, in spite of all they do and say, all it takes is a video, a post, or an article to dismantle their false cards. And the SPLC (and others such as yours truly) own these "receipts" and then some:

Right Wing Ramps Up Campaign Against Southern Poverty Law Center - People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch breaks it down. Say what you will about the religious right, they are organized and discipline in pushing their lies.

Tucker Carlson defends hate group that wanted to criminalize homosexuality because its members aren't Nazis - I never liked Tucker Carlson even when he wore that bow tie. Since getting his own show, Carlson has been doing awful work to normalize homophobia and bigotry. 

Time for the receipts: 

Namesake of ministry suing SPLC once endorsed obscenely homophobic comic - My post from last night. After that awful shooting early this year in DC, many on the right attempted to link the assailant, James Hodgkinson, to SPLC because he reportedly "liked" its facebook page. If one uses that logic, what can we say about the D. James Kennedy Ministries because it's namesake endorsed an viciously homophobic comic? 

SPLC's list of anti-LGBT groups and actions - Educate yourself about these groups and why SPLC calls them hate groups. 

 Last but not least, my favorite receipts