Thursday, January 05, 2012

NOM tries to embarrass Congresswoman, gets knocked down by her calm rhetoric

If there ever was a incident which demonstrates the National Organization for Marriage's absolute cluelessness, it would have to be the video above. In it, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, while in Iowa, was asked to respond to the fact that Rick Santorum supports a Federal Marriage Amendment.

NOM featured the video under the title Democrat Party Head: Marriage Amendment Would be "Un-American and Un-Democratic"

I guess the organization was attempting to portray Wasserman-Schultz as "intolerant," but what ended up happening is that NOM gave her a perfect plateau to state her points in a clear and concise manner.

If the attempt was to embarrass Wasserman-Schultz and gain sympathy for their side of the argument, NOM failed miserably.

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'Project demonstrates ally love for the lgbtq community' and other Thursday midday news briefs Heartwarming Messages of Love from Parents, Family and Friends of LGBT People - This sort of thing is awesome. It's a way for families, parents, and friends to express unconditional love for the LGBTQ people in their lives.

Must See Video: Harry Jackson shows Maryland Marriage Alliance's true underpinnings - Something NOM won't show you about one of its "moneyed black ministers."

Nancy Pelosi Intervenes To Stop Deportation, Keep Gay Couple Together - Way to go, Congresswoman Pelosi!

Labor leaders in Md. promoting same-sex marriage bill - NOM is going to take time way from its Rick Santorum fawning to go through the roof.

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Sermon reveals problem between gays and the black church

The sermon from two years ago by Roosevelt Wright Jr. at the Tabernacle Baptist Church is kinda conflicted. On one hand, the minister spreads all sorts of inaccuracies about gay men (i.e. imply pedophilia), but on the other hand, his words reveal the duplicity going on in the black church.

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