Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Former Congressional candidate launches into profanity-filled transphobic tirade after Dr. Phil taping

Angela Stanton-King 

Former Congressional candidate and Trump supporter Angela Stanton-King recently taped an episode of Dr. Phil and apparently it got ugly. Whatever happened led her to storm out of the taping and film the following vulgar, profanity-filled, transphobic tirade attacking Dr. Phil, his wife, and several other people.  Rumor control says that it had something do with her alleged transgender child.


Some - very few - have taken her side while attempting to portray her as a mother defending her child. However, based upon King's history of targeting LGBTQ people (such as labeling us as pedophiles which led to a blow-up between her and me last year), I doubt that she was defending her child.

If anything, her language makes another point about how dangerous it is for transgender children to thrive in a climate in which so many are willing to spout basic ignorance about transgender people in general  while targeting them with ugly legislation

Ms. King talks about common sense, but she obviously lacks it. Pick up a book, consult a medical expert when it comes to transgender people, especially transgender children. It's not difficult. Stop clinging to such rudimentary nonsense about body parts and such. There is so much accurate information out there.

Her tirade is humorous in its immaturity, but don't let the comical aspect of it blind you to the reality of how many people would rather immerse themselves in sad stupidity instead of getting facts about transgender people. 

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