Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NOM loves playing African-Americans and lgbts against one another

The National Organization for Marriage just can't seem to help itself. Fresh off its victory in Maryland against a gay marriage bill, the organization continues to stoke the same sentiment which helped (I didn't say led to) its victory.

From Equality Matters:
This Wednesday, National Organization for Marriage (NOM) continued its effort to pit African Americans and the LGBT community against each other. In response to Kevin Naff's  Washington Blade column rebuking four Maryland delegates who waivered in their support for marriage equality, the NOM blog posted the following:
...of the 4 delegates he targets, three are African-American.
We've been accused of playing the race card before. But what is the Washington Blade urging? [NOM Blog, 3/16/11]
What Naff is urging, of course, is that Maryland delegates be held accountable for backing away from their pro-equality promises - not that African-American delegates be targeted for being African-American. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time NOM has opted to play the race card in order to generate opposition to marriage equality. Earlier this month, while the LGBT community was reacting to Del. Sam Arora's marriage betrayal in Maryland, NOM's Maggie Gallagher got into some hot water for accusing pro-equality advocates of "targeting" racial minorities. On the NOM blog, she wrote:
... as someone married to an Indian-American, I find it interesting that the gay marriage machine appears to be re-focusing its attacks from Black Democrats who oppose gay marriage to an easier target: Indian-Americans.
Tiffany Alston appears now to be off the hook regardless of how she votes. [NOM Blog, 3/3/11, emphasis added]
Gallagher's comments sparked outrage and criticism from many equality advocates who accused her of attempting to inject race into public discourse to advance her own agenda.

After the Maryland bill had been scuttled, Gallagher returned to the issue of race, attempting to characterize the effort in the House as a battle between "white urban liberals" who use the "N-word" when they don't get their way and African Americans who support traditional marriage. Once again, Gallagher's comments were criticized by gay rights activists who chastised her for trying to redraw the debate over marriage equality along racial lines.

I guess NOM figures why stop a working strategy. Because the bill was not voted on this year, it could come back up next year in another session. Of course NOM has a vital interest in keeping African-Americans and lgbts at each other's throats.

The question is what are folks going to do about it? Are they going to recognize how NOM - a third party coming into the state with no other interest other than pushing its own agenda - will exploit Marylanders against one another?

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Church forcing choir to sign anti-gay statement and other Wednesday midday news briefs

CWA: Learning About Sexual Behavior Furthers The “Homosexual Agenda” - Because keeping our children ignorant about sexual behavior is the "Christian" thing to do.

Megachurch wants choir to sign anti-gay covenant - Unbelievable.

Attorney General Bill Schuette: EMU's student's religious beliefs against homosexuality violated - If you refuse to do the job, then you don't need the job. Period.

Ogden, Utah, Manages to Pass Inclusive Non-Discrimination Ordinance - And the dish didn't run away with the spoon. Amazing.

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Scott Lively's homophobia in living and repulsive color

Remember when homophobe and supporter of the Uganda "kill the gays" bill Scott Lively complained in January about how he was being "persecuted for his Christian beliefs? Remember how in that same month some folks on the right - particularly Peter LaBarbera ran to his defense against us supposed mean-spirited activists who pointed out how Lively's rhetoric may have led to the needless murder of Ugandan activist David Kato?

This following video putS everything in a new perspective. It's allegedly Lively giving a talk about homosexuality while in Uganda. But regardless of where it took place, what Lively says gives serious room for pause for anyone who would call him a "Christian activist." It should give serious room for pause for anyone who call Lively a decent human being:

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