Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scott Lively's homophobia in living and repulsive color

Remember when homophobe and supporter of the Uganda "kill the gays" bill Scott Lively complained in January about how he was being "persecuted for his Christian beliefs? Remember how in that same month some folks on the right - particularly Peter LaBarbera ran to his defense against us supposed mean-spirited activists who pointed out how Lively's rhetoric may have led to the needless murder of Ugandan activist David Kato?

This following video putS everything in a new perspective. It's allegedly Lively giving a talk about homosexuality while in Uganda. But regardless of where it took place, what Lively says gives serious room for pause for anyone who would call him a "Christian activist." It should give serious room for pause for anyone who call Lively a decent human being:

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David Roberts said...

There is no allegedly about it. We verified this as part of Lively's participation in the original three day conference held by Stephen Langa in Kampala, Uganda in March, 2009. It's the real deal and one of many clips we have. This was day three.

- Ex-Gay Watch

BlackTsunami said...

Thank u for the clarification, david ;p

Ahab said...

Absolutely sickening.

John said...

These socalled christians who is responsible for killing the heroic human rights defender David Kato is simply monsters. They are so evil I wouldnt be surprised if they even had killed Jesus Christ himself did they get the chance.