Monday, March 22, 2021

How Fox News is contributing to the targeting of transgender Americans



Editor's note - I could only watch this video once and even then I couldn't finish it. So a huge trigger warning for folks, particularly transgender folks. This should not be happening.

It is not the custom of Fox News to host members of the transgender community or medical professionals with any expertise in transgender health care. But the network personalities and their guests have no problem engaging in all sorts of transphobic rhetoric as seen in the above video.

This goes beyond nasty when a widely watched "news"  network will repeatedly degrade and dehumanize transgender Americans without even giving them courtesy of defending themselves.

It's downright dangerous. It sends a false message to transgender men, women, and children that they are not deserving of love and respect, even from themselves. And even worse, it sends a message of allegiance and approval to transphobic actions, including violence. Last year, there was an ugly surge in transphobic crimes and this year doesn't promise to be any better with entities like Fox News and the conservative propaganda engine creating a false "war on women's sports" and a real war on transgender healthcare.

 If Fox News openly did this to African-Americans or people of the Jewish faith, the blowback would be justifiably enormous There needs to be an equally negative blowback in this case. Fox News isn't debating transgender issues. The network is deliberately targeting transgender people.