Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The time a transgender woman TOTALLY SHUT DOWN a Family Research Council spokesperson

How in the heck did I miss THIS clip?

No doubt the Family Research Council will be happy as a pig in mud over the news that 11 states filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration over the president's trans-inclusive directive.

Allow me to poke some holes in their sails courtesy of a clip from an episode earlier this year (March) of the Dr. Drew talk show. The host and his guests were discussing HB2 and transgender pilot Jessica Taylor did what a lot of us need to do. Seeing her chance, she called out Peter Sprigg of the anti-lgbt hate group the Family Research Council about the lies people like him tell about the transgender community, especially when it comes to public restrooms.

What you are about to see is what happens when members of anti-lgbt groups face the people they demonize. To put it lightly, "Jessica handed Sprigg his ass"

'KKK exploiting anti-transgender fear to recruit' & other Wed. midday news briefs'

Nyle DiMarco
 KKK Is Using Trans Bathroom Controversy To Recruit New Members - To those who claim that you cannot compare even the basics of the transgender movement (or the lgbt movement in gender) for equality to the African-American civil rights movement, isn't it a SHAME that the enemies of equality don't share that same point of view . . .

Nyle DiMarco makes history as Dancing With The Stars' first LGBTI winner - In matters of positive visibility, this is a a serious achievement. 

How A Conservative Law Firm Convinced A School System To Gamble On An Anti-Transgender Policy - Like a Twilight Zone episode I once saw "He's Alive," the anti-lgbt hate group Alliance Defending Freedom plays on the fears and desires of gullible school districts, causing them to damage themselves in court and then repeat the cycle in other places. Or if that example is too intense, then just think of the Shakespeare play "Othello" and guess who is Othello and who is Iago.  

Ed board to 'follow state lead' on transgender policy - And Mississippi takes back a positive step it made. Stupid. 

 San Francisco 49ers Slam North Carolina’s Anti-Queer Law - And THEN donated 75,000 to Equality North Carolina, something which I think should be the headline.

Anti-gay groups create false sense of Christian entitlement

There are times that we concentrate so much on how anti-lgbt groups exploit fear that we fail to mention how they play on their followers' sense of entitlement. As seen by a passage from a fundraising letter by American Family Association president Tim Wildmon, anti-lgbt groups, playing on religious egos is a huge part of their unfortunate appeal:

Certainly, we have had our national problems, as human institutions always have had and always will have. But America, for most of her history, has held to the Judeo-Christian value system to guide our path of understanding and govern our social morals. We used to teach our children love of country, respect for authority, and the Ten Commandments in school, at home, and in church. Not too long ago, we had reverence for the things of God. Today open sacrilege is the norm, especially in popular culture. We think we can make up our own truth instead of submitting to the truth of Scripture. 

If Wildmon was an African-American, I doubt he would be pushing such a false idea of how America was. But this false notion that folks like him worship a "true faith" and that America was built for folks like them while  the rest of us are who don't believe as they do are only here at Wildmon and company's will and pleasure does wonders to sway folks. And it especially hinders their common sense when others affiliated with the American Family Association begin to act not so Christ-like: