Monday, May 28, 2012

The days when gays were put behind fences

North Carolina pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church ignited a firestorm last week with his suggestion that gays and lesbians be encased behind electrified fences until they died out.

Yesterday, there was a huge protest of over 1,000 people angry at his words.

Meanwhile, from what I understand, Worley received a standing ovation from over 100 members of his church for his words. This shouldn't be surprising, seeing that members of his church actually defended his words on national television on the grounds that he was "merely" speaking the truth in "Christian love."

We are all missing the context. What Worley suggested is nothing new. In fact it has been tried. The fences may not have been all electrified but the objective was the same:

I should point out that I wanted to post other videos, but this is the tamest one I could find.

But if you want to see one of the others I rejected, go here. It's not pretty.

And may God help us all if we refuse to remember the past so much that we applaud its mistakes.

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