Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ex-evangelist says conservative evangelical support of Trump is motivated by racism & revenge

Although I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing, seeing, and especially spotlighting the backlash against conservative evangelicals for their hypocritical support of Trump, I also think it has to be put in a proper perspective.

Former evangelist Frank Schaeffer brought that perspective Sunday on AMJoy as he tore into conservative evangelicals.

Schaeffer pointed out it is white evangelicals who support Trump as he made the argument that this support is less about values and more about racism towards former president Barack Obama and revenge.

He punctuated the interview with the following statement about evangelical leader and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins. Perkins, whose controversial statement last week about evangelicals letting Trump's behavior slide because they felt bullied by the Obama Administration, has been in the center of the backlash:

 “Tony Perkins forgot his own theology and replaced it with a theology of revenge on people he disagrees with politically, and that’s what’s going on here . . .Revenge of white American, evangelical right-wingers and who they want to punch in the mouth is not just black Americans but, to put it in the words of the President of the United States, those who live in shithole countries. So they’re willing to put up with anything when it comes to moral degradation to see those ends achieved. I’m glad he put it in terms of revenge, at least he misspoke from his point of view but told the truth.”