Thursday, October 05, 2017

Disturbing video of 1960s anti-gay lecture to children reminder of why we fight for equality

Whenever I get discouraged about the progress of LGBTQ equality or the liars who come up against us, I sometimes watch the above video for good old fashioned anger. Sometimes you need a little touch of righteous indignation to warm yourself up. It's like a fire which cleanses and clarifies your mind.

It's not a fake video. According to the Miami New Times:

Dade County Detective John Sorenson of the Orwellian "Morals and Juvenile Squad" addresses a 1960s gathering of Florida's youth. In less than a minute he lets all the baby-faced members of that cadre know that they really, really better not be gay.
. . . The clip, which was first unearthed in the PBS documentary, Stonewall Uprising, doesn't mark the only time the gays got Sorenson all hot and bothered. In April of 1996, Channel 4 aired a documentary called the "Homosexual," which was directed against "the homosexual child molester and toward the parent who never thought it could happen to his or her son." Sorenson was also a dominant voice in that documentary. Just to make sure everyone knew, once again, that if they "turn queer" -- which apparently happens to one out of three of us -- that "the rest of [his or her] life will be a living hell."

It doesn't matter what Trump and the religious right throw against us because we will win. Probably not the easy way, but anything worth winning is worth fighting for with everything you have, even if you have to be carried off of the proverbial field. We will NEVER go back to times like this. In any shape or form.

 And our LGBTQ kids will never be subjected to this mess either.

'Trump Administration aims two negative strikes at transgender community' & other Thur midday news briefs

With 'friends' like Trump, the LGBTQ community doesn't need the religious right.

It's one of those days. The Trump Administration aims two strikes at the transgender community:

Jeff Sessions Just Reversed A Policy That Protects Transgender Workers From Discrimination

Trump Administration Asks Court To Dismiss Lawsuit Against Transgender Military Ban

What do we do? A friend on twitter gives the best advice:

Honestly, I can't even get mad anymore. We knew this would happen eventually, so why get upset? Just fight back. 

 And I suggest we do that in the voting booth, talking with each other, organizing amongst ourselves (while trusting each other), organizing with others. And above all, don't forget what you are feeling. Let that guide you to sensible actions with a concrete conclusion. All discipline. No distractions.

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