Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Monday, January 14, 2019

Conservative evangelical leaders fiddle while Donald Trump burns down America

With how Trump's behavior has shut down our government, his lies about building a wall, and the news about his uncomfortably cozy relationship with Putin and Russia, one would think evangelical leaders would be leading the charge of alarm.

Naw. It's not like Trump is a gay man or lesbian attempting to marry or adopt. Or a transgender child simply looking to be safe while in school.

With all of this mess happening in so many directions, it is easy to forget how ingrained the evangelical right is in this situation with their unwavering support of Trump over the values they claim to hold and the excuses they've made for his past behavior. I think the somewhat forgetful nature of Americans is something they are counting on. My guess is that when it is all said and done, they are hoping they can re-assert themselves as sort of a moral voice.

Don't count on it, my friends. Your pandering of Trump was bad enough, but your attempt to be inconspicuous, pious, and the kings of cognitive dissonance  as he melts into a pool heated by his own inadequacies hasn't gone unnoticed.

'Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's paper trail of homophobia damages her presidential campaign' & other Mon midday news briefs

Tulsi Gabbard ‘regrets’ her history of opposing LGBTQ equality  - Then I would suggest Congresswoman Gabbard worry less about running for president and start repairing the damage. She made a crucial error because the one group you DO NOT want to offend is the LGBTQ community. If we trust you enough to love you, we will go through the fire for you (re: Eartha Kitt after the White House drama of 1968.) You do something to hurt us, we do not forget. You call it holding grudges. WE call it making sure you don't hurt us again. 

Evangelicals sue for right to deny shelter to homeless transgender people - Every time you see the Alliance Defending Freedom go on news programs with bakers and florists they claim are being "forced to serve gays," this right here is the mess you don't see. It's the desired endgame of their efforts.

A Gay Purge in Chechnya Has Left 2 Dead and 40 Detained in a New LGBT Crackdown, Say Activists - We need to keep an eye on this mess.

One of the first things Ohio’s new Republican governor did was protect LGBTQ state employees - Mega applause.

Friday, January 11, 2019

'GOP Congressman warns Trump using emergency powers to fund wall could lead to 'transgender bathrooms in elementary schools' & other Fri midday news briefs

Rep. Matt Gaetz is an idiot. Yes he is.
Rep. Matt Gaetz Not on Board With Trump Emergency Power: Future Dems Could ‘Build Transgender Bathrooms’ - An LGBTQ angle is no longer missing in Trump's government shut down, because GOP Congressional leader Matt Gaetz provides one. He is not in favor of Trump using his presidential emergency powers to force funding for his fraudulent border wall because a future Democratic president could use the same power to "to build transgender bathrooms in every elementary school in America." Okay, just what is a "transgender bathroom." I know that in "gay bathrooms," you can press a button for the mirrors at the sink to give you that "Streisand lighting" when you are checking your face.

Pat Robertson told a mom that her son looks at gay porn because he’s being molested - I don't think it works like that. it's the "gays are recruiting children" thing all over again. 

‘Woah!’: Fox News Guest Shocks Anchor By Calling Kamala Harris a ‘Religious Bigot’ - Weaponizing "religious liberty" in an attempt to scare Senators from asking about the anti-gay biases of Trump nominees. People told y'all that it wasn't just about a cake. 

Netflix Pulls Production From North Carolina Over Anti-LGBTQ Law - That's right! Take the money away!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Liberty Counsel tries to stop firestorm over anti-lynching bill by blaming the press

Mat Staver
According to my online blogging colleague (and the first GLAAD Media Award recipient for Outstanding Blog), Joe Jervis, anti-LGBTQ hate group the Liberty Counsel is learning the price of being too homophobic.

After being the subject of a media firestorm because his group's desire to have gays removed from a federal anti-lynching bill, Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver is blaming a familiar scapegoat. The press.

Some media have falsely reported that Liberty Counsel is opposed to banning lynching, or, opposes banning lynching of LGBT people. Such reporting is false, reckless, and offensive. In fact, Mat Staver said, “No one can or should oppose a bill that bans lynching.” Staver continued, “We oppose lynching across the board for any person. Period!” 
“The bill in question created a list of protected categories, thus limiting the application of the law. Lynching should be prohibited no matter the person’s reason for committing this violent crime,” concluded Staver. 
Liberty Counsel has received death threats as a direct result of the false media narrative. One person, whose identity is being traced, said “All LC leaders must die.” The media and those with a political axe to grind must exercise caution when reporting or using social media. False reporting endangers lives.

However, as Jervis points out in his wonderful rebuttal of Staver's statement, the initial story came from another anti-LGBTQ source - the American Family Association's One News Now.

You can see that here and also the fact that One News Now closed the comments thread after the Liberty Counsel was getting grilled by those posting there

So is the Liberty Counsel accusing another anti-LGBTQ hate group of false reporting?

Related post - Liberty Counsel's desire to removes gays from anti-lynching legislation the latest chapter of its bigoted history

Liberty Counsel's desire to remove gays from anti-lynching legislation the latest chapter of its bigoted history

For years, Liberty Counsel officials got away with pushing homophobic mess like this. But its public opposition to adding LGBTQs to federal anti-lynching legislation has opened eyes.

It was simply a matter of time, but finally the anti-LGBTQ hate group the Liberty Counsel did something which is causing it to catch hell in the mainstream media.

Evangelical group wants gays removed from anti-lynching bill 

You will notice that above link comes from NBC News, i.e. major mainstream press coverage. It's one thing to have watchdog sites like Media Matters and bloggers like myself constantly calling out your lies. But being spotlit in such a way by a major news network - particularly on an issue such as this and taking the side that you do - introduces you to an enormous readership. And going on record wanting LGBTQs to be removed from an anti-lynching bill is not the first impression so you want to make. Too late, though. For the record, let's explore the other vile things done and said about LGBTQ community by the Liberty Counsel:

Liberty Counsel President Says She’ll Bring A Gun Into Target’s Bathroom - There was the time when Liberty Counsel president Anita Staver said that she would be carrying a loaded gun in Target's bathrooms in response to the chain's transgender-inclusive bathroom policy.

Staver: The Boy Scouts Will Now Become ‘A Playground For Pedophiles’ - Then there was the time when Liberty Counsel official Mat Staver (the husband of Anita from the news brief above) -channeled the old but successful "gays want to get their hands on your children" lie in response to the Boy Scouts lifting their ban on gay Scoutmasters.

Barber & Staver Want To See Russian-Like Anti-Gay Laws ‘Right Here In The United States’- Then there was the time that Staver and another Liberty Counsel official Matt Barber, suggested that America needed the same type of laws Putin uses to persecute the Russian LGBTQ community.

And speaking of Matt Barber, he is responsible for the above cartoon - 'Christian' conservative spokesman posts nasty homophobic cartoon  

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Family Research Council trying to sell Trump's border wall nonsense

Trump gave his speech Tuesday night on the border wall and government shutdown.  By all counts, it was a disaster which didn't help him any.  He received much criticism and the Democratic response drew higher numbers.

But if you were a supporter and follower of groups like the Family Research Council, which claims to stand for truth, honesty, and good Christian values,  no one can blame you for having a less negative view of Trump's speech.

In a recent piece, the Family Research Council bends over backwards to scare its followers about the crimes allegedly committed because Trump's wall isn't there:

"These coyotes [guides and smugglers] know what they're going to do in the middle of nowhere," Maria says quietly from a soup kitchen in Nogalas. For most women, the entire trip is one, non-stop sexual assault. When she couldn't keep up with her group, one of the coyotes leading Maria's caravan said he'd wait for her -- but only if he could have sex with her daughter. She refused, and he left them. If it weren't for Border Patrol, Maria remembers, they would have died. "It's awful," she shakes her head, "making this trip as a woman." 
 Younger girls are even bigger targets. Older men promise their parents they'll take them to America, only to sell them to brothels by the border or force them into sex slavery once they get there. Along towns like Mapastepec and Frontera Comalapa, the houses of prostitution are full of young women who were tricked or trafficked. Their moms or dads send them anyway, knowing with 80 percent certainty in some countries that they'll be raped -- or never seen again. 
. . . While the media's attention is usually on the hardship of these immigrants, they're far from the only victims. When drug smugglers and gang members cross into the U.S., they rarely leave their culture of violence behind. "In the last two years, ICE officers made 266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records," the president said during his primetime appeal for more border security last night, "including those charged or convicted of 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes, and 4,000 violent killings." Thousands of Americans -- from 16-year-old girls to Air Force veterans -- have been viciously murdered by the wave of criminals entering our country illegally. "This is a humanitarian crisis," the president insisted. But more than that, it's a crisis for the future of our country. Every American is hurt -- either physically, or emotionally, or economically by the people who refuse to enter our country legally.

You will notice that FRC didn't talk about Trump's repeated lies about Mexico paying for the wall. FRC didn't mention the constant nauseating strain of lies told by Trump and his Administration to justify the border wall. Lastly, FRC didn't mention the misleading statements Trump made during his speech.

'Police say trans woman assaulted in bathroom' & other Wed midday news briefs

An incident which the religious right probably won't be talking about.

Police: Two Women Assault Transgender Woman In Bathroom - How ironic is it that in North Carolina, home of a huge battle a few years ago regarding an anti-transgender bill pushed partly by the lie that trans women will attack people in bathrooms, an incident like this in which a trans woman is  assaulted in a bathroom happens. I don't know what angers me more - the fact that the assault happened or how the incident will disappear from lack of people caring to make noise about it. Such a different reaction it would have been if the people involved were reversed.

Evangelical activists want LGBT people excluded from anti-lynching bill - Sufficient amount of hell hasn't been raised over this yet. "Evangelical activists" my black ass. 

Jared Polis sworn in as Colorado governor: “This is a moment in history” - Jared Polis made history yesterday when he was sworn in as the first openly-gay governor in American history.  

Neighbors won’t tolerate church’s anti-LGBTQ sign & they’re taking to the streets over it - Oh hell yes! 

U.S. Right Wing Cheers Swearing-In of Brazil’s Far-Right President - Self-explanatory.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

'Jesus' compelled Mike Pence to denigrate the LGBTQ community but doesn't stop him from repeating Trump's lies

The big loser of the Trump Shutdown and border wall fight is VP Mike Pence. He has been revealed to be a liar and hypocrite on a world stage.

Most likely (or maybe not because he is generally weak and fickle) during his address tonight, Trump will attempt to declare a national emergency so he can try to bypass Congress to make taypayers pay for his ridiculous and useless $5 border billion wall. A wall that he repeatedly said in the past  Mexico would pay for.  A big loser, other than truth and the American people, in this nonsense has to be Trump's vice president Mike Pence. Trump and his administration have made several false statements regarding the border wall. Pence has attempted to defend these lies and his stumbling hasn't been unnoticed.

Trump recently said past presidents has defended his border wall. This was revealed to be a lie. But it didn't keep Pence from attempting to defend it:

Pressed by NBC News’ Hallie Jackson in an interview Tuesday, Pence hesitated, before attempting to claim that the president meant that it had been “his impression” and that he meant “the importance of border security.”

“I know the president has said that that was his impression from previous administrations, previous presidents,” Pence said. “I know I’ve seen clips of previous presidents talking about the importance of border security, the importance of addressing the issue of illegal immigration.” None of the living former presidents has explicitly stated any support for the wall itself, contrary to Trump’s brag on Friday.

Another instance is Pence repeating the false claim that over 4,000 terrorists attempted to enter America through the Mexican border.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Former Justice Dept official calls out deception & bigotry of 'religious liberty' narrative

In a recent posting at The Advocate, former federal attorney and federal prosecutor Michael J. Stern calls out the anti-LGBTQ talking point of "religious liberty."

As many of you know, the phrase 'religious liberty' is the new way the anti-LGBTQ industry pushes discrimination against us. Groups like the Family Research Council or the Alliance Defending Freedom say that "deeply held religious beliefs" should be an excuse for entities to deny members of the LGBTQ community protection against discrimination.  To not allow folks to do so would destroy their businesses and very lives, these groups claim. In pushing that narrative, they have choked the debate with (slightly altered to fit the purpose) stories of bakers, florists, etc who they claim have been the victims of a so-called out of control gay community seeking to "force" them to approve of our lifestyle by asking for their services and suing when denied said services. With these stories, they have controlled the debate. They have also benefited from  propaganda conservative sites and networks like Fox News and the Daily Caller accommodating them with biased interviews and youtube channel interviews (i.e. the Alliance Defending Freedom) with their patsies  clients "telling their stories."

But all of these tactics mean noting to Stern. In his post, he talks about nearly losing his job at the Justice Department over 20 years ago due to the fact that he is gay. Because of this, he has neither the time nor patience to play the game:

Under the thinly veiled guise of “religious liberty,” President Donald Trump’s Justice Department has transformed the First Amendment right to freely observe the religion of one’s choice into the newly created right to openly discriminate. The seeds of this mutation were planted decades ago, but since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in 2015, the GOP has made finding a way to legally discriminate against LGBT people a rallying cry to a base that is hungry to maintain political dominance in the face of an increasingly diverse American electorate.
This recent offensive began with a Kentucky clerk who insisted that issuing a public marriage license to a same-sex couple would defile the institution of marriage. The four-times-married clerk claimed “religious freedom” allowed her to refuse to perform her elected job. In the standoff that ensued, the clerk drew substantial support from Republican politicians, including U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who characterized judicial orders directing the clerk to perform her job as the “criminalization of Christianity.” 
Let’s be clear, white Christians are not at risk of having their religion criminalized or being subjected to wide-spread discrimination in the United States. The irony of such an accusation is particularly galling given that so many who are safely insulated from discrimination want to mainstream raw bigotry as an acceptable form of religious expression. 
Recently, white, Christian, blond Laura Ingraham, the leader of Fox News Channel’s Barbie army, gave us a rare look behind the curtain. Replacing the dog whistle with a bullhorn, Ingraham announced that there has been a “massive demographic” change “foisted” on America and that most Americans don’t like it. Translation: The white Christian majority does not like losing its political power and needs to do something about it. Of course, Ingraham does not speak on behalf of all white Christians. But her on-camera rant revealed the sentiment of the base that elected Donald Trump president and propelled Fox News to become the most watched cable newscast. What I cannot accept is that the Department of Justice is now marshaling the power of the U.S government to champion their cause.

You can and should read Stern's entire piece here.

'LGBTQ films win big at awkward & controversial Golden Globes' & other Mon midday news briefs

Bohemian Rhapsody win causes controversy, awkwardness at Golden Globes

Golden Globes 2019: Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book questionable winners 

Glenn Close Upsets Lady Gaga at Golden Globes, 'Bohemian' Wins

Let's get frivolous. The movie awards season officially kicked off with the Golden Globe awards. LGBTQ celebrities (such as Ben Winshaw) and LGBTQ movies (such as 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Green Book' got huge, but very awkward (but not for the reasons you would think) wins. While a certain LGBTQ icon won one category, she  surprisingly lost in the one she was expected to win. It was an awkwardly fun evening. As it is supposed to be.

Pat McCrory, of HB2 Infamy, Eyeing Another Run at NC Governor or for the Senate - Meanwhile, in a world far away from the Golden Globes, a homophobe tries to butt his way back into the spotlight.

The Senate has been rushing through judicial confirmations, including many anti-LGBTQ judges - This is NOT good.

Gay bloggers speak out after anti-LGBTQ troll uses their photo to spread pro-pedophile messages - The "gays want to recruit" children" lies never truly die. Even after they are refuted, those spreading these lies always find a way to prop them up. That's why these lies are known as "headless monsters." No matter how many times you cut their heads via refutation, someone will always find a way to prop them up.