Thursday, April 22, 2021

10 LGBTQ-Oriented Films Which Grabbed Oscar Gold

From wins for Best Costume Design, to Best Screenplay to Best Actor and Actress and finally to Best Picture, here are 10 LGBTQ- oriented films (which I am sure you have seen already) which nabbed Oscar gold. However, I noticed that there at least two crucial film missing from the list. Can you tell me what they are? Or better yet, list the LGBTQ movies which should have grabbed Oscar gold.

'Church threatens to 'shun' divorced lesbian unless she 'repents'' & other Thur midday news briefs


Church sends divorced lesbian a letter saying she’ll be shunned by community unless she “repents” - Oh really? I won't say what I want to say. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A more nauseating than titillating gay scandal has possibly engulfed Tucker Carlson

It is a possibility that Tucker Carlson is about to 'go through some things.'

Usually, when a noted conservative looks to be involved in a gay scandal, folks on my side of the spectrum have a good time with pointing out said conservative's hypocrisy. If the stories about the one involving Fox News personality Tucker Carlson bears out, this isn't going to be one of those scandals.  I'm sure it's going to get a lot of people enraged. And it should. It's not funny in the least.

Recently, there were rumblings that  Carlson was attempting to get in front of a huge scandal which was coming his way. If Twitter is accurate, it looks like it just hit and it has nothing to do with his constant racist dog whistling.

According to the online magazine Mic:

 On Wednesday, that "it" appeared to be, at least in part, Tucker's claim that he was a member of the "Dan White Society" and the "Jesse Helms Foundation" — two groups with decidedly ignominious namesakes, as highlighted on Twitter by author Travis Akers.

White, as Akers notes, is the former California politician who murdered San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, and city supervisor Harvey Milk — an LGBTQ+ icon California's first openly gay elected official — in 1978. Long-serving North Carolina Republican Sen. Jesse Helms, meanwhile, was among the most racist, homophobic members of Congress within the past century, having opposed nearly every instance of civil rights legislation and openly calling members of the LGBTQ+ community "weak, morally sick wretches." 

Raw Story said the following:

The "organizations" do not appear to exist, but if the image is actually from Carlson's yearbook, it paints a very clear picture of Carlson's views at the time.

Mic was quick to point out that the yearbook page has not been verified by anyone, including Carlson. But in the court of public opinion by way of Twitter, Carlson is presently being skewered, flambeed, and basically dragged and roasted. I will definitely be keeping up with this story as more details come in.

'Transgender billionaire may move out of Tennessee over anti-LGBTQ bills' & other Wed midday news briefs

Jennifer Pritzker

Trans Billionaire May Move Out of Tennessee Over Anti-LGBTQ Bills - May? Heck, move girlfriend! Make them suffer if they don't us right.

Gay teen was suspended for wearing nail polish. He finally won. - Good for him. He fought for his rights and won. 

Nearly a third of young gay people have attempted suicide, study finds - With positive changes comes new problems to address. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Family Research Council shows its dog whistling and passive-aggressive racism after Derek Chauvin verdict

It's not that black lives don't matter to the Family Research Council. It's just that black lives don't matter if they can't be used for fundraising and scaring FRC's predominantly white audience.

I've called out the Family Research Council and its president, Tony Perkins, numerous times on this blog for the scapegoating  of LGBTQ people via their myriad of lies (check the posts to the right). But this may be the first time I've pointed to the group's dog whistles in terms of racial matters.

Earlier this week, Rep. Maxine Waters gave a speech in Minnesota as people awaited the verdict of the trial of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd.  After the speech, she addressed reporters' questions and caused a firestorm:

She emphasized that “We’re looking for a guilty verdict … for murder,” referring to the trial of Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd in May. . . . The case went to the jury Monday. At one point, she was asked what she thought protesters should do if the jury did not find Chauvin guilty of the murder charge. It’s unclear if she heard the entire context of the question, so part of it was repeated: “What should protesters do?” 

 This is the controversial part. 

 Here’s how she responded: “Well, we’ve got to stay on the street. And we’ve got to get more active. We’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”

Conservatives, such as Newt Gingrich and Tucker Carlson, claimed that she was encouraging protestors to riot. Her comments also caused some concern trolling from people like pundit Don Lemon. And then the Family Research Council and Perkins had to put their two cents in:

Apparently, today's liberals don't just start riots in their own cities -- they'll travel halfway across the country to start one in yours. Of course, the woman they call "Kerosene Waters" has been starting fires for years, but in Minneapolis, the situation is different. The entire city is hanging on by a thread. Thanks to the perfect storm of the Derek Chauvin trial and the shooting of Daunte Wright, a community that's been on edge for days is one court verdict away from a full-scale firestorm. The last thing anyone there needs is an excuse to turn the city into another pile of smoldering ash. And yet, this congresswoman certainly seemed determined to give them one. 

 "We've got to stay on the street, and we've got to get more active," Waters told the protestors Saturday night. "We've got to get more confrontational. We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business." If Chauvin isn't convicted of George Floyd's death, she warned, "We cannot go away... We've got to demand justice. We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business." If that means Minneapolis burns to the ground, well, it's not her district. If violence breaks out on the streets, it won't be her constituents that could lose businesses, property, their sense of safety, and sleep. As for the Left's double standard on violence, Waters is the current standard-bearer.

FRC was channeling memories of unrest which took place last place year.  The protests were about the murders of black men by police officers, but right-wing organizations like FRC omitted that part and focused on the violence and destruction of property, which was mostly done not by those protesting but outside provocateurs and skirmishes between racists groups (such as the Proud Boys) and anti-racist individuals.

'Marjorie Taylor Greene pushes highly improbable story about drag queen and children' & other Tue midday news briefs


Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants a drag queen “arrested & charged” for being near children - Of course she did. Because she is a couple of fries short of a combo. And yes the story she alludes to is bogus. 

'It's not safe': Parents of transgender kids plan to flee their states as GOP bills loom - Meanwhile, here is something which is causing actual harm to children. 

Hundreds of Montana students to protest transgender sports ban bill at state capitol - These legislative attacks on trans kis are backfiring. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

LGBTQ community outlives another homophobe. Judith Reisman supported blaming gays for the Holocaust

Judith Reisman is the latest homophobe which the LGBTQ community has outlived.

So many have come against the LGBTQ community attempting to take away our rights and safety. And they have all failed. They fall by the wayside and yet we are still here and still fighting. Judith Reisman is the latest.

From PinkNews:

Notorious anti-LGBT+ author Judith Reisman, who has blamed “homosexuals” for the rise of the Nazi party and the Holocaust, has died aged 85. Reisman spent her three-decade career on a relentless campaign against long-dead sex researcher Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute which he founded. 

 But Reisman, who has often been described as the “founder of the modern anti-Kinsey movement” believed that the researcher was responsible for everything from pornography, to sexual assault, and even claimed, without evidence, that he was a paedophile. Vehemently anti-LGBT+, Reisman was a supporter of conspiracy theorist Scott Lively’s book The Pink Swastika, which blames gay people for the Holocaust. The author, who had a PhD in communications yet was a visiting law professor at the anti-LGBT+ Liberty University, wrote multiple bizarre research papers, with titles like Kinsey, Sex and Fraud and ‘Soft Porn’ Plays Hardball.

The Southern Poverty Law Center had this to say about Reisman:

If you have heard of Reisman, it’s probably due to her unrelenting pseudoscientific campaign against Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute. In Reisman’s mind, Kinsey is the cause of all things wrong in the world, including pornography and sexual assault. Her latest work, Sexual Sabotage, which was published in 2010 by the far-right conspiracist WND Books, calls Kinsey a “traitor” to America because in Reisman’s mind, he and his researchers deliberately set out to defame the Greatest Generation and destroy the world. She has repeatedly claimed that Kinsey was a pedophile (there is no evidence to support her contentions), and went so far as to sue the Kinsey Institute for defamation in 1991 when they responded to her wild claims. The suit was dismissed with prejudice in 1994, a year after her conservative lawyer left the case. 

Even Kinsey’s death is a conspiracy, in her mind. Reisman claims that he died of “brutal, repetitive self-abuse” (i.e. masturbation) when in fact he died of heart problems and pneumonia. Some of her other theories are equally dubious. She claims that pornography and homosexuality are imbued with what she calls “erototoxins,” or mind-altering chemicals. In her world, pornography literally rewires the brain and makes it susceptible to things like homosexuality. Little wonder, then, that Reisman is also a staunch crusader against homosexuality, which she often falsely links to pedophilia.

 . . .  Reisman kicked off her career in 1984 when she was awarded a huge grant – just over $700,000 – from the Reagan administration’s conservative Department of Justice to study thirty years of American pornography for evidence of child sexual assault.

 Controversy followed, whether it was about the amount she was awarded, the process by which she got the money (awarded by right-wing publisher Alfred Regnery) or other matters. A December, 1984 article in the American University student paper (where Reisman was based at the time) noted that she appeared to have misrepresented herself on her résumé as the author of a book when in fact she was not. Reisman claimed it was a “secretarial error and poor proofreading”. 

Regardless, the study went on, and when it was completed in 1986, it was panned as unscientific. American University refused to publish it. Loretta Haroian (now deceased), an actual expert on childhood and sexuality, called the report “vigilantism: paranoid, pseudoscientific hyperbole with a thinly veiled, hidden agenda.” 

 That didn’t stop Reisman, however. She published the study in 1989 through her own Institute of Media Education (an on-and-off think tank), of which she was the president. She’s been publishing ever since in the right-wing echo chamber. Her articles and commentary appear with frequency in conservative and hard-right publications like WND, RenewAmerica and Human Events. 

Just one thing to say - bye girl. You will not be missed.

'Poll says Americans overwhelmingly do not support anti-transgender laws' & other Mon midday news briefs


New poll shows Americans overwhelmingly oppose anti-transgender laws - And by a large amount, too.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Video - Coming Out To Your Aunties


With the junk happening with all of these anti-trans bills, I think we should take a brief  moment to laugh just a little. And this video is just the thing to get us in the mood and ease us into the week. Granted, I know some may get offended, but remember its all in good fun. A gay black man comes out to his aunties and gets an positive reception. But then . . . well you will just have to watch the rest of the video.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Putting Parents in Jail and Conducting Genital Checks - Anti-Transgender Legislation Just Got More Deranged

Over the past few days, this spate of bills throughout the country targeting transgender kids has sunken to a level of surreal vulgarity.  The narrative has moved from one of "protecting women's sports and children" (which it never was about anyway) to eradication and humiliation.

In Texas, they are considering a bill which would punish parents for supporting their transgender children. 

According to LGBTQnation:

Texas’s S.B. 1646 would redefine child abuse to include “consenting to or assisting in the administering or supplying of, a puberty suppression prescription drug or cross-sex hormone to a child,” as well as other gender-affirming health care procedures, even though puberty blockers are reversible and have been found to significantly reduce suicidal thoughts for trans people.

This bill has been receiving a lot of negative attention and most recently, a speech by a Texas mom, Amber Briggle, in front of the Texas legislature went viral. Biggle tearfully asked legislators not to pass this bill because it would put her at risk for supporting her transgender son. You can see the speech in the above video.

 And as bad as it looks in Texas, Florida made things worse with its anti-trans bill.

According to MSN:

The GOP-led Florida House of Representatives on Wednesday voted 70-44 along party lines to pass HB 1475, which would ban transgender female athletes from competing on women’s athletic teams in both high school and college while subjecting some students-athletes to “genital inspections” before they can play. Also called the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,” the measure effectively states that student-athletes who were biological males at the time of their birth cannot compete on women’s athletic teams. Student-athletes born biological females may still compete on male or female teams. According to the legislation, disputes regarding a student’s sex under the law would be resolved with a “health examination and consent form” verifying the student’s biological sex.

The Hill goes into more detail:

"A dispute regarding a student's sex shall be resolved by the student's school or institution by requesting that the student provide a health examination and consent form or other statement signed by the student's personal health care provider which must verify the student's biological sex,” says the bill, which provides for “routine sports physical examination” of students’ reproductive organs, genetic makeup or testosterone levels.

In other words, if someone challenges an athlete's gender in accordance to bill (should it become law) than the student would have to submit to a genital check.  That's simply nasty, not to mention humiliating on so many levels. The bill now goes to the state senate.

All of this anti-trans legislation was meanspirited to begin with. But now, it's just out of control. I don't know if this was the goal of those who wrote and proposed this legislation, but here we are.

I'm scared to contemplate what's going to happen next. There is no other place to go but lower.

'Republicans quietly pushing 'ex-gay therapy' bills into anti-LGBTQ fight' & other Thur midday news briefs

Republicans Quietly Push ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bills In Anti-LGBTQ Fight - Not surprising. If they target one of us, they are targeting all of us. 

What Senate Majority Leader Schumer Is Saying About the Equality Act - Important because this fight could go either way. 

Anti-gay bias led to 'serious flaws' in Toronto serial killer investigation - I HATE posting stuff like this but it is necessary.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Family Research Council whines that the NCAA's support of trans athletes is 'intimidation'

And in the category of  Best Hypocritical Whine of Persecution,  the winner is hate group the Family Research Council for claiming that the NCAA's support of transgender youth against bills targeting them amounts to intimidation:

In case companies hadn't noticed, now isn't exactly a good time to drop a bombshell about radical politics. Either the NCAA hasn't been paying attention to the massive uproar in Georgia, or they don't seem to grasp the intensity of the pushback. Either way, most Americans (including the moderate ones), are fired up about the abuse Republicans are taking over election reform -- and this time, they don't mind saying so. That's bad news for a woke collegiate sports association who's used to dangling a few championship games in front of states and getting their way. 

 When the NCAA first tried this stunt -- way back in 2016 -- it was meddling in the North Carolina privacy bill. Now, five years later, they're upping their extremism by joining the fight against girls' sports. In a statement Monday, the association reminded everyone that their loyalty isn't to women's rights but to "transgender student-athletes," the smallest fringe group of competitors in America. This commitment, they claim, is "grounded in our values of inclusion and fair competition." What it's not grounded in, normal people will argue, is science, morality, common sense, or true equity.

Notice how FRC works a little note in supporting the so-called election reform bills being pushed across the country by the GOP. Aside from demonizing transgender Americans, the group has been surreptitiously pushing support of these bills even though they have been called out for being acts of voter suppression sparked by the lie that Donald Trump lost last year's election due to cheating.

But when it does come to demonizing transgender Americans, FRC isn't any slouch in that department, either. Notice how it speaks about the NCAA's stance not being in grounded in science, morality, common sense, or true equity, when the exact opposite is true.

Science - Many physicians, medical organizations, and researchers have said that these bills have no basis in science

Morality - These bills are a part of a plethora of legislation targeting and scapegoating transgender people - particularly children in general - through disinformation. These bills range from banning trans athletes to denying trans children affirming healthcare. The Family Research Council has played a huge part in this. In one case, FRC deliberately lied about healthcare for trans children by comparing it to "chemical castration." Where is the morality in lying about healthcare while knowing that the denial of this healthcare could be detrimental to children?

Common sense - Supporters of these bills banning trans athletes could not pinpoint any problems which would make them necessary. 

True equity - taking all of these things into account, supporting any of these anti-trans bills, including the one banning trans athletes, has nothing to do with equity. It has much to do with lies, hysteria, and moral panics.

Since FRC peddles the idea that it is an organization which stands up for morality and a "biblical worldview," the following verse from the Bible best describes what it is attempting to do:

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. - Isaiah 5:20

'Trans kids bravely defending themselves in the face of bad legislation' & other Wed midday news briefs


So many trans kids have been standing up for themselves and others during this time of ridiculous transphobic legislation.

 In other news: 

Parents expected to raise concerns for LGBTQ policies in Lee County schools - And here we go again. Discrepancies and rumors must be addressed.