Friday, August 12, 2022

Texas woman wants town to reject LGBTQ books just like she rejected her gay son

A heartbreaking story from The Texas Tribune: 

 Weston Brown was scrolling through Twitter last month when he came across a video that made his chest tighten. It showed a woman at a school board meeting in North Texas, calling on district leaders to ask for forgiveness. “Repentance is the word that’s on my heart,” she said near the start of the video. For months, the woman in the clip had been demanding that the Granbury Independent School District ban from its libraries dozens of books that contained descriptions of sex or LGBTQ themes — books that she believed could be damaging to the hearts and minds of students. Unsatisfied after a district committee that she served on voted to remove only a handful of titles, the woman filed a police report in May accusing school employees of providing pornography to children, triggering a criminal investigation by Hood County. 

 . . . Weston, 28, said his heart was racing as he watched and rewatched the video — and not only because he opposes censorship. He’d instantly recognized the speaker. It was his mother, Monica Brown. The same woman, he said, who’d removed pages from science books when he was a child to keep him and his siblings from seeing illustrations of male and female anatomy. The woman who’d always warned that reading the wrong books or watching the wrong movies could open the door to sinful temptation. And the one, he said, who’d effectively cut him off from his family four years ago after he came out as gay. “You are not invited to our house for Thanksgiving or any other meal,” his mother had texted to him in November 2018, eight months after he revealed his sexual orientation to his parents.

Some people need to stop trying to save the world and instead work on their own families.  It's obvious that books with LGBTQ themes aren't the hazard here.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene, other far-right personalities falsely implying that gays are spreading monkeypox to children

Marjorie Taylor Greene's dogwhistle about the monkeypox virus is reminiscent of the stigma created about the LGBTQ community about AIDS. 

Those of us around during the beginning of the AIDS crisis are rightfully having ugly flashbacks when it comes to the monkeypox virus. The combination of basic homophobia, lies told about gays and children, and the inability to properly educate folks about a virus is repeating itself. 

That includes the part about those who are gleefully doing the noxious combining.

From the Anti-Defamation League:

On July 22, 2022, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky was interviewed on Washington Post Live to discuss the current state of COVID and other public health issues. During the broadcast, she noted that two children had contracted monkeypox – both of whom could be “traced back to individuals who come from the men-who-have-sex-with-men community.” 

 On July 23, 2022, the World Health Organization declared monkeypox a global health emergency. Later that day at 6:22 pm, Marjorie Taylor Greene shared Walensky's segment about monkeypox in children on several of her social media pages with the caption, “If Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease, why are kids getting it?” 

 By the evening of July 25, 2022 – only about 48 hours after the initial posts – Greene saw significant engagement counts on her social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, both of her Telegram accounts and Truth Social. Greene’s post was certainly not the first time the narrative around monkeypox had been twisted to suggest nefarious intent or raising disingenuous questions about the disease’s origin and spread. 

Such claims are circulating on mainstream platforms and outlets like Twitter (one user tweeted on July 21, 2022: “If kids catch monkeypox, it is indeed a very serious issue, because it implies probably someone sexually abused that child”) as well as platforms that have historically provided cover for extremists, including Telegram and 4chan, where a post from July 22, 2022, drew an explicit connection between monkeypox and “children being molested by homosexuals.” Greene’s post, however, gave the conspiratorial and bigoted theories additional oxygen – and reach.

Greene has also falsely claimed that the monkeypox virus is spread by 'gay sex orgies.'

Unfortunately, as the ADL points out, Greene is not the only far-right personality accusing gays of infecting kids with the monkeypox virus. Sensing a new way to grab headlines, attention, and clout, other far-right personalities have either repeated or added their spin to Greene's initial inference in order to accuse gays of spreading it.

ADL has broke down the lies and refuted each one, including:

Misleading Narrative #1: Monkeypox is transmitted solely via sexual interactions 

 Misleading Narrative #2: Monkeypox is being spread to children by men in the LGBTQ+ community through inappropriate contact.

Nevertheless, what Greene and others are doing is reminiscent of how gays were stigmatized during the AIDS crisis due to homophobia and deliberate erasure.

This time, however, we have the proper information and enough power to push that madness back so far up  . . . well I you get my point. Let's not twiddle our thumbs and allow these folks to attack us without any forceful pushback.

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'Don't Say Gay' Law Fuels Anti-LGBTQ+ Bigotry Online: Report​
- Surprising no one. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Far-right youtuber claims that comical pledge is evidence ofLGBTQ people 'grooming' children

I would like to say that our opposition is getting mighty desperate if they are passing this along as proof of LGBTQ people using drag shows to supposedly sexually groom kids. But we know how these people are when they get a moral panic in their heads. Still, I love this pledge.  It's easy to see that is strictly tongue-in-cheek. Still, what's wrong with pledging allegiance to the drag?

Say What! Log Cabin Republicans compare Mar-A-Lago raid to Stonewall' & other Wed midday news briefs

Log Cabin Republicans Liken Mar-a-Lago Raid to Stonewall - These fools are so lost, they can't be found. Not even by themselves. 

Trans skateboarder Leo Baker stays on board in new Netflix documentary - We need more visibility like this to elevate the lives of trans athletes. There are a lot of stereotypes about trans athletes which need to be addressed and beaten down. 

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Conservatives channel gay stereotype in reaction to FBI raiding Trump's Mar-A-Lago

On Monday, former president Donald Trump's residence, Mar-A-Largo was raided by the FBI. We don't know the complete particulars so there there has been a lot of speculation. However, knowing Trump, I would safely say for now that there was just cause.

But not knowing why the raid took place hasn't kept Republican and conservatives from going on Fox News and on Twitter making sure to screech and fundraise. It's the screeching which I find most entertaining.

Stereotypes tell us that LGBT people - particularly gay men - are known for being over dramatic in all situations, especially the mundane ones. If that were true, the above video is telling us that we - gay men - are no longer the champions of such behavior. Conservatives and Republicans did everything but collapse in tears and faint (while making sure to clutch a crumpled handkerchief to their foreheads) in registering their "abject disgust and humiliation" about the raid.  The only thing missing is African-American Trump operatives Diamond and Silk and Alveda King filming themselves proclaiming "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" like another stereotype  - that black mothers crying over their fallen sons in "ghetto hood" movies.

And as an added treat, here is Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro (who certain people have accused of  'loving the grape' too much with HER meltdown - I mean opinion - of the raid.

'Texas church in trouble for performing unauthorized, homophobic version of 'Hamilton'' & other Tue midday news briefs

Texas Church Performs Unauthorized Version of HAMILTON with New Lyrics and Anti-LGBTQ Sermon​ - How evil do you have to be in order to sit down and do all of this?

30 Forgotten Queer Films That Deserve a Second Look - I've seen some of them. They are very good. 

Researchers warn bachelorette parties in Provincetown are destroying LGBTQ+ safe spaces - Good article but it uses too many technical terms. Let's break it down. A bunch of heterosexual women go into the gay bars for bachelorette parties and act like fools. They are loud, obnoxious and usually drunk. Their behavior makes things uncomfortable and annoying.

Monday, August 08, 2022

Conservatives are trying to wreck public libraries, but people are fighting back


According to a recent article in The Huffington Post, conservatives and others on the right have put the bullseye out on public libraries. They are not only attempting censor books, but are also trying to eliminate these public libraries altogether:

A public library in Vinton, Iowa — a small town with about 5,000 residents — temporarily shut down in July after most of the staff quit because of threats against its LGBTQ members. People in the town complained that there were not enough books about former President Donald Trump, that LGBTQ books were on display, and that members of the LGBTQ community worked there, according to the Iowa Starting Line. The library reopened with an all-volunteer staff. 

 In Llano County, Texas, the county commission made the public library system shut down for a few days in December in order to review the books available to children and remove any deemed questionable. They specifically targeted the 850 books that GOP state Rep. Matt Kruse had personally deemed inappropriate for kids earlier that year. He said his list of books included those that “might make students feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress because of their race or sex.”  

Suzette Baker, a librarian in the county, reportedly refused to go along. She told local reporters in March that she had been fired from her job for not removing books, including a memoir by Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen. “It is her biography of her life growing up as a transgender teenager, and obviously this group thought that was too much for their children to read,” Baker said. “No one is forcing their kids to read anything.”

 . . .Free speech advocates have noticed that the targeting of public libraries isn’t just confined to one or two states. “It cannot be a coincidence that multiple people around the country are getting the same message,” Jonathan Friedman, the director of free expression and education programs at PEN America, told HuffPost. “They’re taking some of that ‘stolen election’ energy and directing it towards public schools and public libraries.” But there isn’t really a singular group leading the charge — instead different groups, including Moms for Liberty or Catholic Vote, are pushing the same narratives. 

 . .  .As Media Matters reported, Moms For Liberty is partnering with conservative groups to flood public libraries with children’s books they approve of, like an anti-trans children book or a book that paints Rush Limbaugh as hero — with no regard for how parents of LGBTQ or Black children may feel.

The article pointed how folks are fighting back. In Llano County, residents filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the book bans violate the First and 14th amendments.

And people are also fighting back in another state.

In Jamestown,  Michigan, thanks to a campaign echoing lies about LGBTQ  'grooming' and 'predators,' voters defeated a measure which would fund the Patmos Library, which is the town's public library.

But a GoFundMe campaign has garnered a lot of positive feedback with over $67,000 raised. The goal is to reach $245,000. The organizer of the campaign, Jesse Dillman, said the goal of the fundraiser is to keep the library open long enough to consolidate more community support for its funding.

Anyone wanting to donate can go Fund Patmos Library for 2023 GoFundMe page.

'DeSantis, Florida begins rigged process of banning gender-affirming care for trans youth' & other Mon midday news briefs

Florida begins rule-changing process to ban gender-affirming care for trans youth​ - And adults. If DeSantis thinks he can rigged Florida's health department against trans people while relying on junk and cherry-picked science, he has obviously deluded himself. This is not over. It's not even five minutes into the first quarter. 

How Florida Twisted Science to Deny Healthcare to Trans Kids - A reminder how DeSantis is attempting to accomplish this via rigging and lies. 

Meet the gay former GOP spokesman who is spilling the tea on the Republican Party - Yeah I know. But his voice needs to be heard because of what it brings. 

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Video - Randy Rainbow tells the Republican party where they can stick their 'thoughts and prayers'

It seems that every time there is a school shooting, Republicans come at us with "thoughts and prayers" instead of real action which would go a long way in preventing future shootings. Randy Rainbow, in his now well-known imitable fashion, speaks for a lot of us when he tells them where they can stick their "thoughts and prayers."

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

10 researchers say Florida is deliberately distorting their work to undermine healthcare for trans kids and adults

Florida under DeSantis is weaponizing distorted information on trans healthcare.

According to Vice News, the state of Florida deliberately distorted credible research from several different sources in order to create a rationale behind undermining healthcare for trans kids and adults:

VICE News spoke to 10 researchers who said they weren’t aware of the memo and that Florida’s Department of Health misstated their research; in fact, VICE News found that all 12 citations Florida presents against the use of gender-affirming care are either distorted or from a source with clear anti-trans bias. In crafting the document, Florida’s health department reverse-engineered rationale for a policy completely counter to research-based medical best practices.


People such as Dr. Ken Pang:

When Dr. Ken Pang published one of the first large-scale analyses of gender-affirming care on transgender children, in 2018, the paper was celebrated as a vital contribution and even made its way to the home page of the r/Science subreddit. Though the evidence was limited, the review suggested that hormone blockers and hormone replacement therapy could help alleviate gender dysphoria and make transgender youth feel more at home in their own bodies. 
Four years later, Pang was shocked to learn that his research was being used by Florida’s Department of Health to justify denying gender-affirming care to all minors in the state. The department cited Pang’s work in a memo issued in April, after the passage of Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law. The memo even recommends against social transition, which can include changes as simple as using new pronouns or wearing different clothing. 

 The article said that instead of relying on research put out by credible organizations which talks about accurate ways of giving healthcare to trans people, Florida, under Governor Ron DeSantis, created its own body of research:

 . . . in June, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration also issued a new policy that no one, not even adults, would be able to access gender-affirming care through Medicaid. Rather than referring to the overwhelming body of research that shows positive outcomes of gender-affirming care, Florida instead commissioned hundreds of pages of new material—which did not go through a standard peer-review process—to justify the change.


And as the article points out, this body of research was tainted with cherry-picking and a serious misusage of data: 

 Another distorted citation—one that not only appears in the Florida memo but is also heralded by anti-trans propagandists—comes from a 2015 study called “Gender Dysphoria in Childhood.” According to the Florida memo, this paper “states that 80% of those seeking clinical care will lose their desire to identify with the non-birth sex.” But in an interview with VICE News, one of the paper’s co-authors, Dr. Thomas Steensma at the Amsterdam University Medical Center, said that number was taken wildly out of context. 

. .  . Citing Steensma’s work in an effort to ban trans-affirming care should also raise alarm bells because he’s the principal investigator at his university’s Center of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria and one of the world’s leading experts on medical care of transgender children. He helped create what’s known as the “Dutch protocol,” internationally accepted medical guidelines on how to administer puberty blockers to prepubescent children with gender dysphoria. Steensma is also a co-author of World Professional Association of Transgender Health’s (WPATH) forthcoming Standards of Care for the treatment of transgender children, which will be published this year.


Believe it or not, it gets worse.