Monday, March 18, 2019

The anti-LGBTQ industry was wrong about marriage equality. Don't believe them about the Equality Act

Remember how the anti-LGBTQ industry claimed that marriage equality would wreck society? They were wrong then, so why should we believe their predictions of doom about the Equality Act?

With the Equality Act being pushed by Democrats in Congress, the anti-LGBTQ industry and its allies are already spinning dire predictions of its consequences (cue up the lies about transgender predators and so-called Christian businesses being driven out of business). But I think it's not necessarily a bad thing that they are doing this. We've come to expect their portents of doom.

And should take this opportunity to remind everyone about their past portents of doom concerning other LGBTQ issues, such as marriage equality. Last year, journalist Parker Malloy pointed out eight predictions the religious right made about what would happen if marriage equality became legal.  And all eight predictions turned out to be wrong Here are two:

"Marriage equality will lead to legal bestiality." 
This was a really common argument made by anti-equality pundits, politicians, and religious leaders leading up to and after the Supreme Court's decision. 
"Watch what happens," warned Pat Robertson during a July 2015 episode of "The 700 Club." "Love affairs between men and animals are going to be absolutely permitted." 
Appearing on "The Glenn Beck Show," Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) mused over a similar question. "If we have no laws on this, people take it to one extension further — does it have to be humans? You know?" Oh, we know, senator. 
Verdict: FALSE.

'Poll - majority of evangelicals support laws protecting LGBTQ community from discrimination' & other Mon midday news briefs

A majority of evangelicals now support laws protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination - Even though right-wing evangelicals grab all of the attention they are not the majority. And this goes to prove it.

Equality Act Faces Lack Of GOP Support Upon Being Reintroduced In Congress - No shit. But it has the religious right running scared. 

Trump’s HIV proposal may be slowed by states that refused to expand Medicaid - Figures. 

WNBA stars respond to homophobic SNL skit - I agree. The SNL skit was tiresome and boring.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

'Family Guy' and gay Stewie - how did the religious right miss THAT?

As I do on this blog from time to time, let's ease into the week by talking about something completely frivolous.

  On the risk of starting some stupid argument about "political correctness" (which will be full of people throwing around the term without  any nuance of what it actually means), I hear that the show 'Family Guy' will be phasing out gay jokes. And this is a good thing because the show was awful to the LGBTQ community.

Still, I am amazed about how the character of Stewie Griffin practically got away with being portrayed as gay. Granted, I suppose it is better than his original characterization - an insane megalomaniac genius who wanted to murder his mother and take over the world - but still with all of the whining religious right groups and figures such as Franklin Graham and the American Family Association does, it amazes me that they didn't scream bloody murder about the above clips.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

'Christian' Trump supporters spew nasty rage at presidential candidate who called out Mike Pence's hypocrisy

Sunday night, openly gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg called out the hypocrisy of VP Mike Pence. Buttigieg called Pence a "cheerleader of  the pornstar presidency" because Pence's reputation of being an evangelical Christian conflicts with Trump's less-than Christian attitude and exploits.

Buttigieg's comments got a lot of attention, but not all of it was positive. Readers of the religious right "news source" One News Now (courtesy of hate group the American Family Association) abandoned all pretenses of  a Christian attitude as they defended Pence by viciously attacking Buttgieg. I don't know what was more interesting - the way some of them sidestepped Buttigieg's point, or how some of them went right at connecting his name with anal sex.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Conservatives throwing all of the usual anti-LGBTQ tropes at The Equality Act

On Wednesday, the Democrats unveiled The Equality Act, legislation which would ensure LGBTQ equality and safety on a multitude of levels by amending existing civil rights law to include our community. As of now, The Equality Act, is enjoying diverse popularity. But, according to The Advocate, conservatives and others in the anti-LBTQ industry have opened the floodgates of fear and lies in hopes of scaring people against it

The Equality Act “would undermine women’s equality and force women and girls to share private, intimate spaces with men who identify as female, in addition to denying women fair competition in sports,” said a statement released by Kristen Waggoner, senior vice president of the Alliance Defending Freedom’s U.S. legal division. “Like similar state and local laws, it would force Americans to participate in events and speak messages that violate their core beliefs.” 
 . . . Terry Schilling, executive director of American Principles Project, appealed to transphobia in his statement on the bill. “Forcing young girls to shower with men. Telling abused women they have to room with men in battered women’s shelters. Allowing men to compete against — and typically beat — women in women’s sporting events. This is what ‘equality’ looks like as defined by the radical Left. This is what ‘equality’ would look like under the so-called ‘Equality’ Act,” he said.  “The reality is that this bill isn’t about equality — it’s about enshrining supremacy into the law for one ideology over another,” he continued. “And the result will be the widespread erasure of women, prohibition of dissent, and sexualization of children.”
 . . . There’s no word yet from some of the biggest names in anti-LGBTQ activism, such as Family Research Council president Tony Perkins. However, the FRC did tweet a link to an article published online Monday by the Gospel Coalition, an association of churches in the Christian Reformed faith, in anticipation of the Equality Act’s introduction. The article, authored by Andrew T. Walker, contended that the bill “represents the most invasive threat to religious liberty ever proposed in America.” It “would forever cement the legitimacy of sexual-revolution ethics into federal law,” “accelerate the number of conflicts pitting Christians against their conscience,” and “accelerate the pace of anti-Christian bias in society.”

That's always the key with these groups - grab a narrative of fear and continuously repeating it, drowning out the truth and reasonable debate.

Ohio high schooler suspended for trying to 'heal' LGBTQ students with Bible verses & other Wed midday news briefs

Christians outraged after Ohio high schooler suspended for trying to ‘heal’ gay students with Bible verses - So apparently religious liberty entails harassing your fellow LGBTQ students? I don't think so. BTW, the word 'Christians' should be in parenthesis. Not as a grammatical correction, but a situational one.

Donald Trump is fighting HIV by cutting funding for global AIDS initiatives - The latest thing he is being two-faced about.

DeVos opens door to taxpayers funding religious orgs by stopping enforcement of church-state separation rule - Lovely. Who will it bite in the butt first. The LGBTQ community or those pushing it? You know what I'm hoping for.

Meet the Creator of the World's Largest Trans Career Fair - It's sometimes difficult to remember that there is still good going on in the world.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pentagon signs directive to push Trump's transgender military ban

You do not treat soldiers the way the Trump Administration has treated our transgender troops

The Trump Administration just announced the new guidelines to ban transgender men and women from serving in the military. The Pentagon claims that this is not a ban. Whatever it is labeled, this is still some mess and not the way to treat people who fight for your freedoms.

The Pentagon announced Tuesday night that a directive has been signed to implement President Trump's policy barring most transgender people from serving in the military.
Under the policy, transgender people would have to serve in the gender they were assigned at birth. Service secretaries would be allowed to grant waivers on a case-by-case basis. The policy will go into effective in 30 days, according to the memo signed by acting Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist. The directive is being issued after a court last week lifted the last of the orders preventing the transgender military policy from taking effect. 
A federal judge in Maryland ruled he had no choice but to lift the injunction after the Supreme Court in February ruled 5-4 to lift two other holds. The Trump administration said it planned to move forward with the policy following the judge's ruling last week. Still, advocates for transgender troops have argued the Pentagon is still constrained by a fourth injunction, pointing to a stipulation in the order that allows for a period of time for the plaintiff to decide whether they want a rehearing in front of the court’s full bench. That 21-day period, though, ends before the memo signed Tuesday says the new policy takes effect. 
 . . . The Pentagon denies the Mattis policy is a ban, but advocates argue it effectively is, comparing it to the defunct “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy for gay, lesbian and bisexual service members.

You can read more here and check out the links below about those who "crafted" and then pushed this hot mess. It is not over by any means:

Don't forget what Mike Pence and the religious right are doing to transgender soldiers

Family Research Council exposes own lie about cost worries in latest attack on trans soldiers

'Trump invites anti-LGBTQ Brazilian president to the White House' & other Tue midday news briefs

Trump send another negative message to the LGBTQ community.

Trump Invites Homophobic Brazilian President to White House - Trump slaps the LGBTQ community in the face again.

South Carolina school rejects 4th grader’s essay supporting LGBTQ rights - Unbelievably homophobic crap from my state, unfortunately. 

The LGBTQ Equality Act heads back to Capitol Hill, this time with massive corporate support - Keep your fingers crossed, although extremely problematic. 

Iowa Supreme Court sides with two trans women fighting for Medicaid coverage - Wonderful news! 

Seth Owen: Gay teen shunned by Florida parents starts college fund for others - Several days old but still a wonderful story.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Family Research Council exposes own lie about cost worries in latest attack on trans soldiers

Don't be fooled. When it comes to Trump's attempt to ban transgender men and women from serving in the military, groups like the Family Research Council will say their support of this ban has to do with caring about costs. But it's actually about bigotry.

It's amazing how FRC continues to push the lie that the amount of money devoted by the military to trans health care is extreme:

Already, as of February 1, the Pentagon has forked over $7,943,906.75 to gender reassignment surgeries, hormones, and psychotherapy. That’s millions of dollars it could have spent equipment, salaries, and training. Instead, we’re blowing through taxpayer dollars so that troubled service members can use the military as their free ticket to elective surgery. Not a penny of that is going to the DOD’s real mission: fighting and winning wars. 
As usual when it spins an anti-LGBTQ narrative, FRC omits certain facts. From PBS News Hour:

According to new data from the Defense Department provided to the House Armed Services Committee ahead of the hearing, the military has spent about $8 million on transgender care since 2016 out of its $50 billion overall health care budget. The Associated Press obtained the data Wednesday.