Sunday, September 20, 2020

Biden burns Trump with new ad using his own promise from rally

While we are rightfully distracted as to how the future of the Supreme Court and our country in the wake of the passing of Justice Ruth Ginsburg, something interesting happened Saturday night. Trump held another one of those annoying rallies (with no masks or social distancing) where he makes a rambling fool of himself. During this one, he made a promise, which I hope he keeps. Apparently a lot of other people feels the same as I do because Biden burned him via an ad about his words. And it's already gotten over 10 million hits.  Sweet!


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Former Pence staffer - Trump once said maybe the coronavirus was a good thing because he wouldn't have to shake hands 'with these disgusting people'



Olivia Troye, former homeland security, counterterrorism and coronavirus adviser to VP Mike Pence, just came out with a video announcing that she is voting for Joe Biden and why.

To put it succinctly, girlfriend isn't simply spilling the tea. She is throwing it.  Troye said that her decision to vote for Biden came from seeing firsthand Trump's "disregard for human life." Central to that disregard, Troye claimed, is how Trump didn't take the pandemic serious and the following about the people he met.

Troye also condemned Trump in a video released by the group Republican Voters Against Trump, saying Trump once mused that the coronavirus was a good thing because he wouldn’t have to shake hands with as many people.“I don’t like shaking hands with people,” Troye recalled the president saying. “I don’t have to shake hands with these disgusting people.”

 Troye says in the video that she’s a lifelong Republican but would “come home at night and look myself in the mirror and say, ‘Are you really making a difference?’” “I am voting for Joe Biden because I truly believe we are at a time of constitutional crisis. At this point it’s country over party,” she concluded. Troye joins several other Trump administration officials to speak out against the president ahead of the election, including former national security adviser John Bolton and former defense secretary Jim Mattis. 

 The White House and Pence’s office both dismissed Troye as someone who was miffed over her ouster. She is “disgruntled that her detail was cut short because she was no longer capable of keeping up with her day-to-day duties,” Lt. General Keith Kellogg, Pence’s national security adviser, told the Post. But Troye told the Post she was was deeply involved in the coronavirus task force and helped organize and attend “every single meeting” it held from February until July.

Don't be blase or nonchalant about this. It's a huge crack in Trump's dome.

'Cable news stopped covering anti-trans violence after Pride Month' & other Thur midday news briefs


Cable news stopped covering anti-trans violence after Pride Month - But it's a year-round problem. 

 DL Hughley mocks Andrew Gillum for coming out “halfway” as bisexual - Longtime fan of yours, DL. But that was simply stupid to say.

Sarah McBride Poised To Become First Transgender U.S. State Senator - Wonderful! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Trump subordinate - If Trump loses the election, 'the Left' will come after all of us, including your children

Charlie Kirk channels desperation

Longtime Trump subordinate - albeit not directly - Charlie Kirk took a page out of the religious right book of homophobia to make a prediction of what could happen should Trump lose his reelection campaign in November.

 And for those of you that say "Well, it really doesn't impact me, I don't care if Trump goes to prison." Well, first of all, you absolutely should care. Because if we lose, they're going to come after the churches, they're going to come after the organizations, they're going to come after the people, they're going to come after the social media accounts, they're going to come after the bank accounts, they're going to come after every single person that played any form and role into trying to defend President Trump. But social media banning, following in the streets, targeting in every form and fashion. If we lose, if the President loses, they will come for us all. They will come for your children. They will come for your schools. They will come in every fashion. And they won't stop. This idea that the left is all of sudden going to embrace the Christian ethic of forgiveness and moving on, is so short-sighted.


Kirk wasn't specifically pointing a finger at the LGBTQ community. He was speaking about "the left" in the deliberate way conservatives like himself tend to dehumanize Democrats and liberals by painting them as rabid hordes not unlike the zombies in the motion picture  World War Z.  It  would be rather naive for anyone to think that we aren't included in  his characterization.

The grand irony of Kirk's silly paranoid claim is that recently he and his group, Turning Point USA, was discovered to be recruiting teenagers to post disinformation online.

According to Raw Story:

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported on a stealth “troll farm” by Turning Point USA, the right-wing youth group led up by Charlie Kirk, to recruit teenagers to post disinformation on social media — sometimes getting around policies that sites like Facebook and Twitter use to prevent the spread of false political information. “Teenagers, some of them minors, are being paid to pump out the messages at the direction of Turning Point Action, an affiliate of Turning Point USA, the prominent conservative youth organization based in Phoenix, according to four people with independent knowledge of the effort,” reported Isaac Stanley-Becker. “Their descriptions were confirmed by detailed notes from relatives of one of the teenagers who recorded conversations with him about the efforts.”

This latest incident is not the first time Kirk and Turning Point USA have made headline for nefarious behavior. Media Matters for America has an entire page devoted to several conspiracy theories and out-and-out lies pushed by Kirk. And Turning Point USA has gotten into trouble because various members of its leadership have been called out and dismissed for racist comments, postings and associations. This includes a former national field director who once texted:

“I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story.”

It sounds like America - and our children - would be safer in the hands of those opposing Kirk and company. And especially safer in the hands of those opposing Donald Trump.

''Former trans person' in political ad only identified as trans AFTER joining hate group' & other Wed midday news briefs


“Former trans person” in political attack ad only identified as trans after he joined a hate group - Good job, LGBTQNation. It is signficant because it looks like he was never trans at all. 

Facebook slaps fact check on ads stoking fears about transgender kids in girls sports - Group behind lie in first article just got caught in another one.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Every Donald Trump rally . . . in 74 seconds


My vision of hell without of doubt would involve being eternally trapped in a Donald Trump rally. I avoid watching them and to this day have never seen one. As the following tweet from the Lincoln Project demonstrates, they are pretty much all the same - an inept fool incoherently rambling while a bunch of mind-sucked sycophants hang on his every word as if it's the necessary ingredient for their survival. But the Lincoln Project added and subtracted a little something which breaks down this particularly rally, the one held recently in Nevada, tolerable and downright funny. If you ask me, it's more coherent than an actual Trump rally. Though you may feel it is 74 seconds too long.

'CA governor Gavin Newsom signs law equalizing punishment for gay & straight sex offenders' & other Tue midday news briefs


California governor Gavin Newsom

CA governor signs law to equalize punishments for gay & straight sex offenders - Conservatives have told all sorts of lies about this bill. Here is what it actually does. 

YouTube comedian Randy Rainbow breaks silence on past racist, transphobic jokes with awkward Donald Trump ‘interview’ - Works for me. No one is perfect and those truly apologetic over past behavior should be given slack. To a degree.

Marvel Just Revealed This Iconic X-Men Character Is Bisexual- Surprise! I was sure it would have been Wolverine.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Religious right leader thinks that recent bad press proves conspiracy against Donald Trump

Gary Bauer thinks Trump's recent troubles prove that there is a conspiracy against him.

A recent news story about Donald Trump disparaging our troops by calling them "suckers" and
losers" and another one detailing how he misled America about the coronavirus should signal to the country how much of an incompetent and gigantic mistake he is as leader.

But to one religious right spokesperson, it only proves a conspiracy geared to destroy Trump:

OneNewsNow approached Gary Bauer, president of American Values, about these latest condemnations – but he points out the left has been relentless in its attacks since before Trump was even elected. "They saw Donald Trump as an existential threat to them," he states. "They tried to do everything they could in his campaign in 2016 to stop him. After he won, they then tried one fact scandal after another." 

 Turning to the more recent anti-Trump accusations, Bauer describes the Woodward book and the Atlantic article as attempts to sway the electorate. "Now here we are in the final 60 days [of the campaign] that will determine whether President Trump can continue to take the country down this new road of reform [through] all the things he's doing – and the left will stop at nothing . . .  I fully expect that literally every day there will be a new a line of attack to try to prevent the president from being re-elected."

Bear in mind that Bauer is the same dude who undermined the fight against the AIDS crisis when he worked in the Reagan Administration. Allegedly, he felt that AIDS was God's judgement and those who had it deserved what they got.

Bauer provides no proof of his claims which regards, which he probably sees as a minor concern when there is a juicy conspiracy theory to push. If there's one thing Bauer adores, it's implying that shadowy groups are in dark rooms spinning destructive plans against everything good and righteous. Or something like that. It's better than admitting that he and other religious right leaders pitched their wagons of support behind a con man whose house of cards is hopefully collapsing on his head with just enough cards left over to give them a couple of  well-deserved bonks.

Truth be told, if there is a conspiracy against Trump then he should look in the mirror to see the ringleader. More specifically, look in the mirror and then direct his eyes downward. To his mouth. 

'Trump allegedly called 'The Apprentice' contestant a 'black f**'' & other Mon midday news briefs

Former 'The Apprentice' contestant Kwame Jackson

Donald Trump allegedly called a contestant on The Apprentice a “Black f**” - And who should be surprised. Even so, it's still worth knowing.  I'm rather chomping at the bit to see how Fox News will defend this one.

The attacks on gay candidates keep getting even more disgusting this election cycle - Y'all know it's going to get worse. But what's progress with no struggle?

Sunday, September 13, 2020

How a gay producer Allan Car ruined his career in 11 minutes

 As we ease into this week, which promises to be as chaotic as last week, let's look at a slightly comedic, but highly cautionary tale about a backfire of camp.

Once upon a time, there was a successful and openly gay producer by the name of Allan Carr. He invested money in several successful Broadway productions such as La Cage aux Folles and motion pictures such as Grease. He even won a Tony award.  He also managed the marketing and ad campaigns for the motion pictures Tommy and Saturday Night Fever, which were also successful. In addition, he was known for his lavish and wild parties. All of that success meant that he could withstand a few failures, such as the motion picture disaster Can't Stop The Music.

Then came 61st Academy Awards, which he was hired to produce in 1989.  It was a disaster. To put it honestly, it was tacky as hell  The aftermath was like fire from the sky.  The show was viciously condemned, sued by Disney, and ended up generally wrecking Carr's career? the late actor Gregory Peck was allegedly so mad that he threatened to return his Oscar?  

But was it actually as bad as it was made out to be. I think so.  But you decide after seeing the 11 minute opening which was the center of a lot of condemnation, including Disney's lawsuit (which was later dropped.)


Carr's career never fully recovered. He spent the rest of his life in seclusion until his death in 1999. 

 If you want to read more on the situation (God help you) please read The Worst Oscars Ever or this brutal article in Marie Claire.