Thursday, May 19, 2022

GOP lawmaker suing Barnes and Noble bookstore for selling LGBTQ book (under the guise of 'saving the children')

'Genderqueer' is not dangerous or obscene.

Well we should have seen this coming. First they came for classrooms, then school libraries, then public libraries. Now they are coming for bookstores. It's to 'save the children,' they claim. Of course that's a bunch of bull.

According to Fox 8 News in Virginia:

A book retailer may be facing a legal fight in Virginia over selling certain YA books. According to a Facebook post, Attorney and state delegate Tim Anderson and his client Tommy Altman, a congressional candidate in the district around Virginia Beach, said “the Virginia Beach Circuit Court has found probable cause that the books “Gender Queer” and “A Court of Mist and Fury” are obscene to unrestricted viewing by minors.” 

 The post goes on to say that Altman has directed Anderson’s office to “seek a restraining order against Barnes and Noble and Virginia Beach Schools” in order to stop the sale or loaning of these books to minors without parental consent. “We are in a major fight. Suits like this can be filed all over Virginia. There are dozens of books. Hundreds of schools,” the Facebook post reads. 

 Bookriot reports that neither of these books contains pornographic material, nor do they fit the definition of obscene.

The Bookriot articles goes into more detail:

No longer is this about the rights of students to access books. It’s now about the rights of private businesses to sell books. Anderson suggests this is a new avenue for parents to fight. 

 . . . Barnes & Noble has yet to respond to the legal actions taken. As a private business, they are not only allowed to sell what they wish to sell, but they are under no obligation by anyone to move materials out of their facilities. Further, no private business like the bookseller would simply “supply” books to the school district. Right-wing groups are pushing a narrative that suggests public schools are at the epicenter of indoctrination, forcing gender and sexuality onto young people starting in kindergarten. Lawsuits like this further fuel misinformation campaigns by these groups.

Well if these folk are going to play these games, then I suggest that they also sue to have the Bible not available to kids and - if they want to take it that far - removed from not only bookstores but public and school libraries. After all, it contains, murder, rapes, tortures, castrations, animal attacks, knifings, crucifixion, genocide, incest, adultery, abortion, infanticide, genocide. (yeah I DELIBERATELY omitted homosexuality).

These phony moral crusades always leave me frustrated, exhausted, and angry.  

'In Midwestern schools, LGBTQ teachers face discrimination, hate and their own fears' & other Thur midday news briefs

In Midwestern schools, LGBTQ teachers face discrimination, hate and their own fears - Hate never really goes away. It simply hides until its power grows. Our job is always to beat it back and remain vigilant for when it attempts to grow again. 

Campaign Seeks to Support LGBTQ+ Rights in Red States - This campaign is needed. Don't desert our LGBTQ people in the red states. I happen to be one of them - South Carolina. 

There are 7 out LGBTQ women players at the French Open, and 0 men - At one time, this would seem like an ugly stereotype. I think of it now as a positive show of power.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Dear Dave Rubin, the LGBTQ community doesn't owe you a d@mn thing. You're getting exactly what you deserve.

Dave Rubin is the victim of his own opportunistic nature.

For those who have been keeping up, prominent conservative Dave Rubin has been catching hell from other conservatives and Republicans. Earlier this year, he and his husband announced that they are going to be parents. Needless to say that his allies didn't approve and they let him know by throwing at him the same vitriol they have slung so many times at the rest of us LGBTQ people.

And bear in mind that Rubin isn't simply a gay conservative. He has on several occasions amplified various racists:

Rubin has been cultivating an intolerant audience for several years, with his talk show The Rubin Report functioning as a cushy platform for hate-mongers like Stefan Molyneux and Milo Yiannopoulos, a safe space where all the questions are softballs. According to Rubin, his show is "a hub for misunderstood or canceled people or to-be-canceled people to express themselves honestly."Rubin has previously compared progressivism to a “mental disorder,” and through his talk show, attempts to push the idea that leftists and liberals are the real bigots, and that conservatives are more accepting of dissent.

He has also amplified right-wing lies about gays "grooming" children and personally slurred other prominent LGBTQ people (such as when he referred to House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as a 'black lesbo').

It goes without saying that this extreme brush with the homophobia of folks on his side has not been a learning experience for Rubin. And a recent comment he made underscores that. 

According to Mediaite:

Dave Rubin finally commented on the backlash he received following the announcement that his husband, David Janet, and he are expecting two children via surrogate later this year. Speaking with The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens on her show, Rubin was asked about how he handled all the naysayers. 

 “How — what was it like going through it?” Owens asked. 

 Rubin replied, “All of the tolerant lefties were seemingly so thrilled to tell me how the people on the right hated me. It’s like, ‘Well, are you guys showing me tolerance?’ I didn’t get any love or affirmation from you guys.

 I could go into detail about the article omitting all of the ugly stuff  Rubin has said about LGBTQ people, but I was - and continue to be - amazed by his audacity and mistaken belief of privilege. When he goes into the usual tired conservative narrative about the "intolerance of the tolerate left," you know that he also means LGBTQ people. That gets me angry. 

More than that, it pisses me off to the "highest level of pissivity."

Dave Rubin makes his money siding with a group of homophobes and contributes to slandering LGBTQ people. But suddenly we are supposed to flock to him and give him support when his own allies do to him what they have done to other LGBTQ people? He is obviously out of his damn mind if he thinks we should follow that narrative.

Hell yeah, we're laughing at him because he's getting what he deserves. Granted, I think he has a right to have a family with his husband. It's one of the rights LGBTQ folks have fought for and continue to fight for. But it's downright insulting that he wants to ignore how much his actions and statements - which will no doubt pay for the surrogacy of his children  - has led to the undermining of other LGBTQ people getting our rights, including the right to have a family.

And what's even more insulting is that he wants us to also ignore this fact.. He has got one hell of a nerve.

Don't try to disguise what Rubin is doing with nonsense about "having a debate," "being intolerant" or anything thing else which conservatives have reduced to argumentative gibberish and gaslighting.

Let's call this for what it is

Dave Rubin is a trifling, no-account opportunist trying to run a game to get paid and he's getting burned  No one in the LGBTQ community owes Dave Rubin anything except  maybe the marshmallows for the bonfire emanating from the torches conservatives are figuratively putting him to.

We don't owe him a defense, any pity, not even a small drop of concern. He spits in our faces by amplifying the lie that the LGBTQ people are evil while simultaneously taking advantage of the hard work the community has done to put him in a position to legally marry and have children. 

In my humble opinion, Dave Rubin knows where he can go and also what he can kiss.

'Despite surge in brutality, anti-trans violence is being basically ignored by the media' & other Wed midday news briefs

Despite a surge in brutality, broadcast and cable TV news spent just 43 minutes covering anti-trans violence in 2021 - A damn disgrace. 

Florida High Schooler Zander Moricz On Fighting “Don’t Say Gay” - This brave young man is going through it. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Video from Equality Texas spells out how the political war on transgender children is harming their families

Power hungry politicians treat trans kids like pawns in a chess match.

On the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia, Equality Texas announces the launch of a short animated video created by Free Lion Productions that highlights the struggle of Texas trans kids and their families. 

 For the past two years trans kids have been the target of political attacks, and lawmakers have been abusing their authority to bully health care providers from caring for their trans patients. Children’s health care decisions should be a collaboration between parents, their doctors, and the patients themselves. This video illustrates the pain that parents and trans kids feel when politicians insert themselves into the doctor’s office.

'John Oliver blasts Alabama, governor for anti-trans law' & other Tue midday news briefs

John Oliver

John Oliver Blasts 'Garbage Lady' Kay Ivey for Anti-Trans Law - PREACH!!

Homework assignment requires kids to explain how they would de-gay their friends - Oh mercy! 

GOP candidates unleash wave of ads targeting transgender rights - Singularly, they are dangerous. But I think they send a message when grouped together. They give a message that the GOP is targeting trans people instead of trying to right a wrong. And folks don't respond well when they are given the impression that a group of people is being picked on. 

Monday, May 16, 2022

U.S. Senator booed for transphobic comments during commencement speech

Senator Cynthia Lummis

Classic case of f@king around and finding out

During her speech delivered to the University of Wyoming’s College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education commencement Saturday afternoon, Republican U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis told graduates that “the existence of two sexes, male and female” was a “fundamental scientific truth.” 

 The audience’s immediate reaction to her transphobic remarks were loud expressions of disapproval including jeering, boos, and demands she leave the podium. 

 The senator’s remarks came in the latter third of her twenty-minute address which had primarily focused on the critical need for teachers and in the fields of agriculture and other endeavors she noted were Wyoming hallmarks. 

 In a statement released by her office Sunday, a spokesperson noted that Lummis was apologizing to those who felt “un-welcomed or disrespected” by the comments. “My reference to the existence of two sexes was intended to highlight the times in which we find ourselves, times in which the metric of biological sex is under debate with potential implications for the shared Wyoming value of equality,” the statement read.

“I share the fundamental belief that women and men are equal, but also acknowledge that there are biological differences and circumstances in which these differences need to be recognized. That being said, it was never my intention to make anyone feel un-welcomed or disrespected, and for that I apologize. I have appreciated hearing from members of the University of Wyoming community on this issue, and I look forward to continuing this dialogue.”

Full story courtesy of The Los Angeles Blade.

'Students protest after they say teacher was removed for giving student crisis hotline number' & other Mon midday news briefs

Students protest after they say a teacher was removed for giving student crisis hotline number - Simply inhuman to remove this teacher for simply helping students.

Urvashi Vaid, Legendary Activist for LGBTQ+ Civil Rights, Dies at 63 - Rest in power. I only met her once but she was a sweetheart to me. A very kind woman. 

Drag queen crowned prom king at Indiana high school - Seemingly small victories are the best. 

The number of LGBTQ foster kids is on the rise, but does Colorado have enough accepting homes? - The omission of LGBTQ kids when it comes to adoption and foster homes is not accidental. It's deliberate by religious right groups and personalities.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

'Hello! I'd like to report several cases in which children are being 'groomed' for danger.'

 We are so sadly oblivious as a country. While some folks are accusing LGBTQ people of trying to 'groom' children, the actual grooming is going on under our noises and probably with full approval of those pointing the finger at the LGBTQ community:

And let's throw two more in particularly for those who live for accusing LGBTQ people of attempting to 'sexualize' children.

Someone call Libs of TikTok and Christopher Rufo.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Politifact: Talking about sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom is not 'grooming'

It may have taken a while, but thank you Politifact for stating the obvious:

“Grooming” is a term strongly associated with child sexual abuse; it refers to a process or set of behaviors adults use to make it easier to introduce and complete sexual interactions with a child. 

 Talking about gender identity and sexual orientation in the classroom would not be grooming, because it is done without intent to sexually abuse a child, experts said.

 Experts in psychology and child development said they are not aware of any evidence showing that increased exposure to LGBTQ people or topics makes children more likely to join the LGBTQ community. Instead, they said it is likely an environment of increased acceptance allows people to more openly consider whether they might be part of the LGBTQ community. 

Our problem seems to be that so many ignorant people think that talking about sexual orientation and gender identity,  i.e. LGBTQ people, in the classroom is the same as talking about sexual interactions. That's not the problem of LGBTQ people, it's the problem is a society with a twisted mind.

The entire Politifact article is very extensive and deserves a read and a share. I especially liked this excerpt:

Another reading of the "grooming" narrative  . . .  suggests that, over time, children might be taught to or coerced into claiming an LGBTQ identity as their own — even if they otherwise wouldn’t have. There is no evidence of that — and it points to a fundamental misunderstanding of human sexuality and gender identity. 

 Experts said they were not aware of any research or evidence that increased exposure to topics such as gender and sexuality makes people more likely to join the LGBTQ community. Instead, they said, it is likely an environment of increased acceptance allows children to more safely and openly think about, question and discuss their gender identity and sexual orientation. 

 Exposure to these topics "does not change the way people develop," said the University of Minnesota’s McGuire, who studies family relationships and gender identity and the health of transgender youth. 

 "It changes how they feel about how they develop," McGuire said. "Accepting parents don’t change whether or not their kid is trans — they change whether or not their kid hates themselves and gets kicked out of the house for being trans. The kid’s transness is there regardless."

'Florida students win after yearbook censorship drama . . . with a caveat' & other Thur midday news briefs

School Reverses Decision to Cover Up ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Protest Images - A win with a caveat is still a win.