Thursday, November 30, 2023

Moms for Liberty founder and Florida's GOP chairman both embroiled in sex scandal with allegations of rape, group sex, and videotaping


Moms for Liberty founder Bridget Ziegler (top picture) and her husband, Florida GOP chairman Christian Ziegler (bottom picture) are embroiled in a scandal with allegations of rape, group sex, and videotaping.

A huge scandal is brewing in Florida which not only caps off an extremely bad month for SPLC-designated hate group Moms for Liberty but also threatens to engulf the state Republican Party. And in a dose of karma, the scandal involves sex.

From The Florida Trident:

Christian Ziegler, Florida’s GOP chairman and husband of Sarasota County School Board member and Moms of Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler, is under criminal investigation after a woman filed a complaint with the Sarasota Police Department alleging the longtime Republican official had raped her, according to a heavily redacted police report obtained by the Florida Trident. 

 The complaint was filed on October 4 and the alleged sexual battery occurred inside the woman’s home in Sarasota on October 2, according to the report. Among the few words that went unredacted in the report are “rape” and “sexual assault complaint.” 

 The woman, according to sources close to the investigation, alleged that she and both Zieglers had been involved in a longstanding consensual three-way sexual relationship prior to the incident. The incident under investigation by Sarasota police occurred when Christian Ziegler and the woman were alone at the woman’s house, without Bridget Ziegler present, the sources conveyed. 

 Sources also corroborated that a search warrant was executed on Christian Ziegler’s cell phone and that investigators continue to conduct a forensic examination of the electronic device. Christian Ziegler is also alleged to have secretly videotaped the sexual encounters between the couple and the woman, which had been occurring for the past three years, sources said. 

 There have been no charges filed in the case and the Trident is unaware whether the woman’s allegations have been substantiated. A voicemail was left with Mr. Ziegler for comment and a message was left at Bridget Ziegler’s school board office. Neither had been returned prior to publishing this story.

After the news of the scandal came out, Moms for Liberty tweeted but then deleted the following message in support of Ziegler.

As I said before, November has been a bad month for Moms for Liberty. 

Earlier, they lost several school board elections across the nation,

Then they faced questions of affiliations with nationalist hate The Proud Boys after two chapter leaders got caught taking a picture with Proud Boys members while flashing white power signs, 

And finally, a pastor who coordinated faith-based outreach for them was discovered to be a registered sex offender.

Update - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Christian Ziegler should resign from chairmanship of the state Republican party:

Speaking to reporters after his debate with California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sean Hannity's Fox News show, DeSantis called the allegations "serious" and said Ziegler should resign.

"I don’t see how he can continue with that investigation ongoing given the gravity of those situations," DeSantis said. "And so, I think he should step aside. I think he should tend to that. He’s innocent until proven guilty, but we just can’t have a party chair that is under that type of scrutiny. And so, I hope that — I hope the charges aren’t true. I’ve known him, I’ve known Bridget, they’ve been friends. But the mission is more important."

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Book-banner claims a book with a kiss in it turned her into a porn addict at school board meeting - This is scooping at the bottom of the barrel right here.

Speaker Mike Johnson to Address Hardline Christian Nationalist Organization - Our Speaker of the House is a wannabe Cotton Mather.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

18 Republican attorney generals want to weaponize religious beliefs against LGBTQ foster children

Seems to me that if there had to be a choice between the rights and welfare of LGBTQ foster kids versus the religious beliefs of potential foster parents, the rights and welfare of LGBTQ foster kids should win. Too bad 18 Republican attorney generals don't think so.

From LGBTQ Nation

Eighteen Republican attorneys general have signed a letter opposing a proposed rule from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that would require foster care agencies to place LGBTQ+ minors with foster care providers who will respect their identities. Agencies that don’t would lose federal funding.  The attorneys say the rule will infringe on providers’ religious liberty, arguing that trying to get LGBTQ+ kids into affirming homes harms religious conservatives’ rights to impose their views on kids.

The HHS Administration for Children and Families’ proposed rule is meant to “address the extensively documented risk factors and adverse outcomes” that LGBTQ+ children in foster care often experience, the department wrote. LGBTQ+ kids in foster care have experienced higher levels of misgendering, bullying, abuse, forced isolation from other kids, inability to access LGBTQ+-affirming resources, and placement into so-called “conversion therapy” programs that aim to change their sexual orientation and gender identity, HHS wrote. 

Such mistreatment has been linked to an increased risk of depression, suicide, homelessness, food insecurity, illegal drug use, and other serious health risks. The rule requires agencies and providers to offer training materials that aid in caring for an LGBTQ+ child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and behavioral well-being. Agencies and providers must have review systems in place to house kids in safe, supportive environments.

 . . .  The 18 Republican attorneys general who oppose the proposal, led by Jonathan Skrmetti of Tennessee, claim that the new rule will hinder agencies from finding care providers for foster kids in need and drive dedicated care providers out of the system. The attorneys also say the rule goes “far beyond [HHS’s] statutory authority,” violates constitutional rights, and contradicts state bans on gender-affirming care for transgender youth (many of which have been blocked by courts). 

 . . .  The letter claims that Tennessee and other states have determined that gender-affirming care is “unproven and unsafe,” even though its methods have been used safely for decades and are deemed safe, effective, and essential by all major medical associations. The letter also claims that the new rule will lead to the persecution of religious families who restrict minors’ access to LGBTQ+-affirming media, social groups, and medical care. 

 However, the HHS’ proposed rule specifically says that it “would not require that every provider become designated as a safe and appropriate placement for LGBTQI+ children.”

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Seattle middle school students tell Moms for Liberty to back off

SPLC-designated hate group Moms for Liberty is having a bad November. Their candidates were rejected by voters earlier this month. Now middle school students are calling them out for their bullying tactics.

Students in the Seattle Public Schools have clapped back at Moms for Liberty, sending the far-right group handmade cards bearing pro-LGBTQ+ messages. Moms for Liberty, which campaigns against LGBTQ+ content in schools, supposedly in the name of parental rights, shared several images of the cards Saturday on its X (formerly Twitter) feed. One reads, “LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.” Another says, “Gay is slay, stop being a rat.” Another says, “My heart when people are homophobic,” with an image of a broken heart in rainbow colors. Most of the cards use the colors of the rainbow. 

 Moms for Liberty did not approve, to say the least. In the tweet showing the cards, the group wrote, “Seattle Public Schools are spending class time indoctrinating and weaponizing your children. The building of the Red Guard in America.” A Seattle Public Schools spokesperson said that creating and sending the cards was “an independent activity and not part of the school curriculum.” The cards were sent last spring.

Point of fact, Moms for Liberty - these kids are not being 'indoctrinated' as you like to put it. Some of them are LGBTQ, some come from homes with LGBTQ parents and siblings, while others probably have LGBTQ friends. Whatever the case may be, they all recognize that you are the outsiders or the wannabe indoctrinators. They recognize that no one in your group gives a damn about them and that you see them as only a prop or an excuse to undermine the rights, health, and safety of the LGBTQ community in general. To them, you are the enemy and deservedly so. Like in so many instances, the children plainly recognize what adults fail see. They cannot be fooled by phonies.

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Rep. George Santos

Rep. George Santos could face expulsion from the House this week - Bye, bye George.

Queer activists: ‘I told you so’ as DeSantis escalates queer erasure - Yep, DeSantis is going to try to make it all worse. 

Monday, November 27, 2023

Chaya Raichik, Libs of TikTok upset that Fruit Loops are encouraging children to read

Seems to me that Chaya Raichik and Libs of TikTok is running out of material. They are leading a comical charge of conservatives on Twitter attacking Fruit Loops cereal for encouraging kids to read.

Froot Loops cereal boxes feature a promotion offering free access to a digital library focused on equality, diversity, and inclusion in Canada. The initiative, LOOP TOGETHER, was launched in collaboration with BGC Canada and Kids Can Press to foster discussions about diverse topics among families. The library includes books on various subjects such as gender, immigration, multiculturalism, and disability, with titles like Maggie’s Chopsticks, My City Speaks, and Razia’s Ray of Hope

This campaign has attracted criticism from conservative circles. Libs of TikTok recently expressed disapproval on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. The account wrote, “Fruit Loops promotes free access to a digital library on their cereal boxes for kids. The library offers a range of books to teach kids themes of “equity, diversity, and inclusion.” @KelloggsUS wants to indoctrinate your children with breakfast cereal. Stop giving them your money!” 
Other conservative commentators criticized Kellogg’s for encouraging children and their families to engage with various literature. Some social media users have called for boycotting Kellogg’s, drawing parallels to previous boycotts against brands like Bud Light.

Gasp! How Fruit Loops encourage kids to read! The horror of it all!

 I fail to see the problem with what's being done here. When I was a child, we had the RIF library come to our schools and allow us to pick out a free book. There is no difference between that and what is being done now.

The story here shouldn't be about Fruit Loops, although its program should be celebrated and encouraged. The story here is about pathetic, bottom-feeding, rage-farming bigots who are desperate for constant engagement. It's becoming ridiculous how they are making even the most simplistic things - such as literacy encouragement - about conspiracy theories and sexual indoctrination. It's getting downright tiring. And annoying. People need to recognize how pathetic people like Chaya Raichik and entities like Libs of TikTok are. And laugh at them. Constantly.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Repost - How Donald Trump's incompetency made the COVID pandemic worse, told as a motion comic

Editor's note - with the 2024 election coming up, I'm reposting this as a reminder. Some folks in America seem to have serious memory issues with regards should be our leaders. Voting is a duty and an obligation. It's not giving orders in a restaurant and it's not American Idol. Choose the wrong leader and stuff like this happens.

The 2024 elections are coming up and though the campaign a little over a year away, folks have been predicting things. One prediction is that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee four years after he lost the presidency. I don't particularly care for Trump or his chances, so no one should assume that I'm pushing the above motion comic from Business Insider as some desperate attempt to stop his supposed ascendancy.

 I hope you can take nine minutes out of your day to view it. AND share it. What I want is people to remember what this man caused with his inept response to the COVID pandemic. Donald Trump is responsible for the deaths of scores of Americans. He may not have personally touched them, but his shitty and highly selfish leadership is partly the reason why COVID's death toll is high. And even though President Biden did what he could after winning in 2020, but patterns were set and they couldn't be eliminated completely before more lives were lost. 

 Please bear in mind that I said Trump was partly the reason why the COVID death count is high. He had help from Fox News as the above video will show.

 And aside from Trump, this is the saddest part of it all. Rupert Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Kayleigh McEnany, Maria Bartiromo, Mollie Hemingway, and so many others at Fox News bear responsibility for the COVID deaths. Far-right Christian evangelicals such as Mike Huckabee, Robert Jeffress, Alveda King, and Franklin Graham, though not mention in the video, also have blood on their hands. None of these folks did anything but kiss his ass and reap the benefits of making Trump their golden calf.

 All of them knew that the things they were saying and the narratives they pushed were lies, but none of them cared. And what's worse is how they are presently pretending as if none of this stuff ever took place. They are pretending that Trump did not botch the COVID pandemic response, and that people didn't die because of it. Even when some of those people worshipped in their faith, sent them money, were fans of their network, or followed them on social media. 

 Even if Trump faces some sort of punishment for what he's done, these bottom feeders will be allowed to sneak away and continue to do the things they do which undermines this country and puts so many people in mortal jeopardy. They will continue to collect their paychecks, get their notoriety, and amplify the next bloodsucker. 

 In their minds, the people Trump's incompetence hurt never existed.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Moms for Liberty leader is a convicted sex offender

Definition of irony - Mom for Liberty, an organization which accuses LGBTQ people, librarians, and teachers of sexually grooming kids, is affiliated with a convicted sex offender.

From Raw Story:

A Republican pastor who coordinates the faith-based outreach for the Philadelphia chapter of Moms for Liberty was convicted a decade ago of sexually abusing a teenage boy.

 Phillip Fisher Jr., who leads the Center of Universal Divinity in Olney, helps connect the right-wing group with local faith leaders to boost membership, and other leaders say they're shocked to learn he pleaded guilty in 2012 to a felony count of aggravated sexual abuse of a 14-year-old boy when he was 25, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer

 Fisher blames his conviction on a political action committee for perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, which he had worked for but was trying to break free of what he now calls a "cult." “It was a political situation that happened between me and Lyndon LaRouche,” Fisher said. “It was a member of his camp, his party, that made the accusation. They pushed it through. It was really a railroad job.” .

 . . A national spokesperson for Moms for Liberty did not respond to a request for comment, but Sheila Armstrong, another GOP ward leader who chairs the local Moms for Liberty chapter, expressed surprise, saying that she had just received from the state Department of Human Services a “child abuse history certification” in Fisher's name so he could volunteer for an upcoming Christmas party for an autism nonprofit that she leads. Fisher was sentenced to three years in prison and given credit for spending nearly 20 months in jail awaiting trial, and he said he agreed to plead guilty to get out of jail, where he said he experienced violence from other prisoners.

This latest embarrassment for Moms for Liberty comes on the heels of the organization being thoroughly rejected by voters on election day and the expulsion of two chapter leaders for taking a picture with nationalist hate group the Proud Boys while flashing white power signs.