Sunday, June 19, 2011

NOM tries to pass biased criticism of NY marriage law as objective

Recently on the National Organization for Marriage's blog, the group said the following:

. . .Harvard University professor Mary Ann Glendon and Princeton University professor Robert George released a letter calling on Greg Ball, Dean Skelos and the New York Senate to provide stronger religious liberty protection in the same-sex marriage bill before the NY state Senate.

The academic experts who signed the letter (which also includes Matthew Franck) wrote: "We understand the enormous pressure you are under to pass a bill that the Governor wants. But rushing such a bill through with inadequate or counterfeit religious liberty and conscience protections would be a tragedy and a profound injustice” and urged consideration of the bill be delayed to another session when language could be carefully considered.

In the blog post, NOM is quick to label this individuals as "legal experts." But here is what the organization omits.

Glendon was chosen by President Bush as to be the Ambassador of the Vatican.  During the international 1995 Beijing Conference on Women sponsored by the United Nations, she opposed the use of condoms in family planning or in the prevention of HIV/AIDS. In 2009, she caused a controversy by refusing to accept an award from Notre Dame simply because awarded President Obama an honorary degree. She did this because she opposed his views on abortion and stem cell research.

Franck is an author writing for the conservative National Review where he has posted such articles as Re: The Airtight Case for Vacating Walker’s Ruling ( Editor's note - the case wasn't as airtight as Franck led on. Walker's ruling was upheld to the surprise of no one.)

But the final person  - Robert George - whom NOM lists as a submitter of the letter perfectly epitomizes the organization's willingness to deceive.

Robert George was NOM's founding chairman, as evidenced by this link on NOM's blog admitting so:

NOM's Founding Chairman Princeton Prof. Robert George Receives Canterbury Medal for Defending Religious Liberty

NOM's founding Chairman of the Board, Robby George, is a renaissance man. Here's a photo of Robby at the Becket Fund gala (which I attended) where he was honored with the Canterbury Medal for his contribution to the religious liberty of all faith communities.

 And just in case you need more proof, these two news articles identify George as NOM's founding chairman

 But of course in the blog post, NOM takes great pains to highlight the credentials of the letter's authors but also in omitting the simple fact that their affiliations cast a dark light on the letter's credibility.

But it's something which is par for the course for NOM and I suspect as the battle for marriage equality heats up, NOM will continue to consider truth and integrity as disposable commodities in gaining victories.

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