Friday, June 13, 2014

Know Your LGBT History - Lawrence vs. Texas - Sodomy laws overturned

It was the case which overturned the sodomy laws - laws which were used to persecute lgbts or keep us in check - and opened the floodgates. If someone writes a proper notation of American lgbt history, they would point to Lawrence vs. Texas as the case which led to many other fights, particularly the one over marriage equality:

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'First lgbts were 'Nazis,' now we are 'demonic'" & other Friday midday news briefs

BarbWire's Gina Miller Says The Push For Gay Rights Is Repulsive, 'Demonic,' And 'Born Of Hell' - Earlier this week, the anti-gay folks were labeling us as Nazis. Now we are "demonic." People get so angry when anti-gay talking heads say stuff like this. I think those who do aren't aware of their uses. I would love to see the writers and editors of the right-wing BarbWire testifying in front of a Congressional hearing. If anything, it would be a paaaarty! 

New Bill Calls For Creation Of First U.S. Special Envoy For LGBT Rights - I'm all for it. 

 LGBT activist wins Nevada house nomination - Sweet! If she wins the election, she would be Nevada's first transgender elected official. And she is Republican too. Not the scary kind. 

 US embassy in Tel Aviv faces internet backlash for raising pride flag - The brave generally face criticism from the ignorant.  

Hallmark Releases Gay Father's Day ECard - Not bad, not bad at all!

Mat Staver continues ugly rhetoric days after misleading Congress

Mat Staver
Definition of the phrase "totally devoid of shame" - lying to Congress and then returning to your radio program to repeat the rhetoric which led you to lie in the first place, complete with analogies to Hitler murdering Jewish people.

Or to save time, why not put a picture of Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver next to the phrase.
From Right Wing Watch:

On today's "Faith and Freedom" radio broadcast, Mat Staver and Matt Barber discussed the situation involving the baker in Colorado who is vowing to go to jail rather than comply with an order to stop discriminating against gay customers by refusing to provide them with wedding cakes, saying that forcing him to bake gay wedding cakes would be like forcing Jesus to build a bed for an adulterer or a gallows for Hitler upon which to hang Jews:


 Barber: So, to make that comparison would be like saying the adulteress goes to Jesus and says 'you're a carpenter, I want you to make a frame for my adultery bed, for me and then men I'm committing adultery with to commit our sinful acts.' And it would be like some tribunal coming to Jesus and saying you're a carpenter, you don't have a right to refuse to make this bed for the adulteress because you make beds for people who are actually married ...

Staver: It's like a carpenter who [is told] you can build this house for this person or you can build this gallows for Hitler. And you can use your talents, we're going to force you to use the talents to build the gallows for Hitler and we're going to hang Jews on the gallows.