Monday, February 26, 2024

'Is there a law against lying?' Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik tries to justify her 'transgender school shooter' smear

Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik doubles down on a lie she told about a 'transgender school shooter.'

Okay folks, I know I'm probably driving you nuts with the two-day (now three-day) coverage of Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik's interview with Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz, but bear with me, especially about this last revelation. This one is about receipt keeping should Raichik become liable for any type of legal action in the future.

From Media Matters:

Over a month after Chaya Raichik accused an innocent trans woman of carrying out the tragic school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, the Libs of TikTok creator acknowledged in an interview with The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz that she knew the claim was false – but said she still would not remove the post. Raichik originally used the post — which originated from 4chan trolls — to misleadingly sketch a pattern of mass shootings carried out by transgender people. 

 “Twitter is free speech,” said Raichik in response to a question about why she doesn’t delete the post, which she said she is “glad” has a community note correcting it. “People lie about me all the time on there, and they don’t get taken down.”

 “The Uvalde shooter wasn’t trans,” agreed Raichik in the interview. “Is there a law against lying? … They’re knowingly lying about me."

And that defensive garble of a statement is the point of it all, i.e. the reason why people like Raichik cannot be ignored. They must be exposed and there is a difference between amplification and exposure. Amplifying is when you repeat their filth without nuance or criticism. Exposing them is when you let them speak, but also demand that they explain their words and justify their actions. You don't let them get away with simply throwing out talking points. You challenge them. That way, you deflate whatever illusion they may have built around themselves.

And over these past several years, Raichik has been the queen of illusions. She, with the help of others, built herself up to be this grand right-wing warrior supposedly exposing LGBTQ people as groomers and pedophiles. She got a lot of fame and notoriety because it. Heck, she still has the fame and notoriety.

But what happened last weekend is the same old story which happens when someone starts believing their own hype. African-American elders call it "smelling yourself. Girlfriend got a bit caught up in her ego and put herself out there for an interview which exposed just how limited she is. And when those who oppose your rights, safety, and health expose themselves the way Raichik did last weekend, you should take full advantage in ripping off their careful created facade so that the world can see them for the nauseating creatures that they are.

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