Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Boycott Target campaign is the real danger to women & children - a video demonstration

Dear American Family Association, transgender men and women have harmed no one at Target. Allowing them to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with has not caused "predators" to invade restrooms .

But YOUR so-called boycott has caused crazy incidents like this to happen:

So, just who IS the real danger to women and children? Target? Transgender men and women?

 Or maybe it's you, American Family Association.

'Boycott Target' campaign slowly backfiring on anti-lgbt right' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Anti-lgbt Target boycott is backfiring.

The Ironic Ways The Target Boycott Is Backfiring For Conservatives - Accidentally "liking" a tweet and a post refuting nonsense about the "bathroom predator" myth isn't the only way boycotting Target is backfiring against the American Family Association. It's bringing all of the street preaching loons out of the woodwork, amongst other things. Allegedly having over one million signatures on a petition means nothing if public perception paints you as a bunch of dangerous loons. 

White House To Create First Monument To Gay Rights - Of course it's going to be Stonewall. Sweet! 

The Real Reason the Religious Right Opposes Trans Equality. (It Isn’t Bathroom Predators.) - Fascinating article.

 Ted Cruz’s Transphobic Campaign Failed Miserably In Indiana - Good news? Ted Cruz will NOT be president. Really bad news? Donald Trump is STILL around. It's like one monster destroying another in a contest for the right to devour you.

  'God Help Us': Religious Right Leaders Mourn Ted Cruz's Defeat - They are SUCH drama queens.