Thursday, January 31, 2019

'Drag Queen Story Hour' opponents are hypocrites . . . featuring Bugs Bunny

There is a twofold purpose of this post - 1. To provide a bit of comedy  2. To poke fun at the hypocrisy of all the folks who have a problem with the Drag Queen Story Hour taking place across the country. You have a problem with a perfectly innocent event enjoyed by children and their parents simply because it is about drag queens reading to children? You have no problem when Bugs Bunny dresses in drag to entertain your children. Why do you have a problem with folks dressing in drag to entertain AND educate your children?

'Franklin Graham embarrasses himself in defending Donald Trump's lies' & other Thur midday news briefs

Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham Comes Up With A Brazen New Way To Excuse 8,000+ Trump Lies - One of the very few good things (and I don't even want to give the Orange bozo credit for that) with Trump being in the White House is how his presence is exposing the blind hypocrisy of the anti-LGBTQ right and their leaders like Franklin Graham. 

 And it's a wonderful to bring up this piece from 2011 in which Franklin embraced birtherism - i.e. the idea that Obama is not an American citizen. - Rev. Franklin Graham a birther?

Armed Man Disrupts Houston Library During Drag Queen Storytime - What the homophobic whine about Drag Queen Storytime can lead to. It is an innocent event popular with children AND their parents. And that is it.

This is what a local government thinks transgender people look like? - Oh good Lord . . . 

Report Finds Slowdown in Schools' LGBTQ+ Inclusion - It's all about deliberate erasure.

Jussie Smollett attack highlights amplified risks facing black LGBT community - So dang true.