Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Family Research Council elevates of the myth of 'Super Trump' defeating COVID

Tony Perkins and his group, the Family Research Council, embraces the lie that Trump defeated COVID.

In spite of Trump's recent irresponsible behavior with regard to his COVID diagnosis, he can always find support from the religious right. These groups and their leaders will shower Trump with praise no matter what he does or the lives he endangers. They are so dependent on the power he gives them over White House policy and the choices he makes when it comes to judges, that they bend over backwards to embrace his version of reality. Even to the point of openly embarrassing themselves.

An example of this is an incredibly awful piece from Family Research Council president Tony Perkins. With a title like Trump Tests Positive for Fearlessness, you just know it's going to be some straight up bullshit.

And Perkins doesn't disappoint

While the other side is trying to push Americans back into their caves, President Trump refuses to believe that the solution is hiding out until the virus has passed. He made the decision long ago that the business of the country must go on, even choosing -- to the horror of liberals and their friends in the media -- to host a Rose Garden ceremony for the nomination his Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett. Now, days later, as the country pours over the photo from that event, dissecting who was and wasn't masked, there's plenty of finger-pointing and speculation about who might have been exposed. But in the end, that's all it is: speculation. The reality is, no one knows where and when the president was infected.

Some people have noticed that I was in the photo too, sitting just a few seats away from former Governor Chris Christie. I wasn't wearing a mask, because I've already had coronavirus. And those of us who have the antibodies need to be out and about, because we become part of the process that stops the spread. But if we hide in our homes, waiting for a vaccine, we'll never reach herd immunity. And in the meantime, we'll destroy our economy, drive up societal pathologies because of isolation and stress, and leave hurting people -- thanks to shuttered churches -- without a single place to turn.

 . . . We all need to take our cue from this president and stare down these challenges with boldness. "His push to reopen the economy, get people back to their jobs... were exactly the kinds of things a president must do to rally the nation during a crisis," Michael Goodwin applauded. "While many on the Left have help up Biden's hermit-like behavior as a model of safety, it is impossible to govern that way. No president can remain isolated and appear frightened and still command the respect and trust of the public. To his everlasting credit, Trump never stopped being president out of fear of getting sick."

The reality is a bit less pandering towards Trump:

Trump mounts bizarre and misleading White House return despite warnings

Trump's Covid performance makes you wonder if he believes his own lies — or just wants us to

Trump returns to comparing COVID-19 to the flu: 'We have learned to live with it'

Domestic Workers React With Anger After Trump Says 'Don't Be Afraid of Covid'

Trump's focus remains on himself even as virus ravages country

We have all seen that Trump is willing to sacrifice Americans for the sake of being re-elected. Now we are also seeing that Perkins and the Family Research Council is willing to do the same to keep their "access" to Trump and the power he gives them.

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