Thursday, December 14, 2023

Anti-LGBTQ activist Christopher Rufo latest conservative done in by 'receipts'

Christopher Rufo

Conservative activist Christopher Rufo recently threatened legal action against the Southern Poverty Center for a report it put out about junk science used against the LGBTQ community. 

According to The Advocate:

The comprehensive study, “Combating Anti-LGBTQ+ Pseudoscience Through Accessible Informative Narratives,” or Project CAPTAIN, revealed during a press conference on Tuesday, details the concerted efforts of these groups to undermine LGBTQ+ rights through the manipulation of scientific realities, particularly when it comes to gender-affirming care and the health care needs for transgender people. R.G. Cravens, lead editor and author of the report, highlighted the alarming trend of using pseudoscience to target these groups. 

 “The gender-affirming care model… represents a global medical consensus. But the attempts to undermine it that we detail in this report are manufactured,” Cravens explained. “If the pseudoscience goes unchallenged… it has real life and often life-threatening consequences for trans and nonbinary people.” The report identifies over 60 groups, including familiar names like the Alliance Defending Freedom and lesser-known entities such as the Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine. It uncovers the connections between these groups and their strategies to influence public policy and opinion. 

 “This report is pretty groundbreaking in how we’re able to look at these connections and help expose all of the groups that are at the center of this moral panic that we’re seeing,” Emerson Hodges, a research analyst at SPLC, said. “This report was ultimately designed to help provide details on pseudoscience and has become a tool to help us map out the far-right and their attempts to manipulate public opinion and advance anti-LGBT policies.” 
It is a good report which I encourage folks to read and share. Rufo voiced anger about it in a tweet Wednesday.

As seen by this tweet exchange, Rufo got support from conservative colleagues and various right-wing tweeters as he went through his Joan of Arc act. But Rufo is playing petty game of 'exact wording.' New York Times contributor Ben Ryan called it out:

And of course, I have to get a little piece of the action. 

In June of last year, I published a post revealing how Rufo encouraged supporters to claim that 'trans strippers' were coming into schools. The post included the following tweets.

While Rufo may not have called anyone a groomer, per se, he has more than once implied it. And when he agrees with the claim that he has never used groomer rhetoric, he is lying. As seen in the above examples, he has on more than one occasion dealt in false tropes and blatant mischaracterizations of LGBTQ culture to imply that we are 'grooming' kids. 

And just in case you missed it, here is another example: