Thursday, June 03, 2010

Family Research Council accused of undermining support for resolution against Uganda's anti-gay bill

The Family Research Council claims to stand against the lgbt community because it believes in "traditional morality.".

However, according to blogger Joe Jervis, the organization's idea of "traditional morality" includes undermining Congressional support for a resolution denouncing the Ugandan "kill the gays" bill:

According to the FRC's official lobbying report for the first quarter of 2010, they paid two two of their henchmen $25,000 to lobby Congress against approving a resolution denouncing Uganda's plan to execute homosexuals. The resolution passed in the Senate on April 13th, but remains languished in the House almost four months after being referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee. Did the FRC's lobbying kill it? As we learned last week with Malawi, international pressure CAN sway even the most virulently anti-gay government.

To make matters more interesting, Jervis has three screencaps of the FRC lobbying report saved on his site. The resolution, H.RES.1064., is marked as "pro homosexual promotion."

Opposition to gay rights or any progression of the lgbt community has been a hallmark of FRC since its inception in 1981 even to the point that the group published "research papers" supposedly proving that homosexuality is a "dangerous lifestyle.  FRC removed several of these "research papers" from its web page, claiming that some of the sources were outdated. However, the organization continued to use the same sources in new "research papers."

FRC also employs Peter Sprigg as its Council Senior Fellow for Policy Studies. Sprigg has, in the past, called for the deportation of gays and lesbians out of the United States and outlawing "gay behavior."

Evan Hurst of Truth Wins Out, an organization which combats groups like FRC, said this new revelation is not surprising.

"Fundamentalist groups like to bitch ad nauseam that mean old gay groups and journalists are the real haters, but yet I don’t think any of us have ever advocated for or supported jail sentences or the death penalty for Fundamentalist Christians," he said.

David Bahati, the creator of the Ugandan anti-gay bill, recently said that some evangelicals in America have privately told him that they support his bill.

After this revelation about the FRCs' lobbying efforts, one has to wonder if maybe his claim was correct.

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The poop porn paradigms of the homphobic Martin Ssempa

I got this from Box Turtle Bulletin and I don't know whether to give the site a hat tip or  . . . I just don't know.

I've talked about Ugandan anti-gay bill supporter Martin Ssempa's penchant for showing  "poop videos" in churches in an attempt to demonize the lgbt community and thereby get support for that bill.

But nothing I can say beats the visuals of these two videos.

The first is a talk by Ssempa. No nasty pictures are shown but trust me when I say that his words are astounding in their hatefulness.

Ssempa is like a sideshow performer who drives nails up his nose so as to take delight in shocking his audience. And showing those videos to demonize lgbts is the equivalent of showing interracial (i.e. black men/white women) porn in predominantly white churches to invoke images of "big black bucks."

Bear in mind that Ssempa is or was once a buddy of Rick Warren.

Want to see something stranger? How about the remix of the video (which is a parody of the first video):

The entire thing would be so funny except for two things:

While we laugh, people are taking this mess seriously and they are causing a lot of hell for many innocent people,

and is it just me or does Ssempa know the technique he is describing from those videos a little too well?

I'm not making any conclusions. I am merely pointing out facts.

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O'Reilly, Senator Orrin Hatch insults the gay community and other Thursday midday news briefs

Orrin Hatch On Gays: 'Their Religion Is Politics' - Apparently we are not "distracted by religion." What a tool! It's my religion that's keeping me from saying something especially nasty to Hatch right now.

O’Reilly compares gay people to al Qaeda - It just ain't Thursday without lgbts being compared to al Qaeda.

As long as Focus tips the Barber, it's their credibility that will be cut - Matt Barber, the lgbt community's "best friend" has crossed another plateau. He is now being quoted by Focus on the Family. Just remember Matt that no matter how high you go in religious right circles, your past ugly comments is a string around your leg that, when yanked, will send you plummeting back to Earth. And the lgbt community will yank that string whenever we want.

Vanzi retains Appeals Court seat after bitter campaign - We won. Deal with it.

WorldNetDaily Gives Space To Ryan Sorba - A new anti-gay loudmouth with the same old rhetoric.

'Golden Girl' Rue McClanahan dies - Sorry to end on a sad note. I miss "Blanche" and "Vivian" already.

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'They are the ones who want to impose their will on others' - State senator smacks down National Organization for Marriage

Minnesota state senator John Marty (DFL-54) was recently attacked by the National Organization for Marriage due to his support of marriage equality. The above video is his response and it kicks total ass.

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