Sunday, October 08, 2023

White House condemns 'cruel and unacceptable' harassment of openly-gay federal employee by Libs of TikTok

On Sunday, the White House condemned Chaya Raichik for this tweet of Interior Department official Tyler Cherry.

From The Washington Post:

 The White House on Sunday condemned a conservative social media activist for ridiculing an openly-gay Interior Department official on the site X, describing her posts as “cruel and unacceptable.” 

 Chaya Raichik, who created the @libsoftiktok account on X, formerly known as Twitter, sparked a debate online this week after posting and reposting several times about Tyler Cherry, Interior’s principal deputy communications director. The posts appeared to criticize his appearance, referred to him as one of the “total weirdos” the Biden administration has hired, laughed at photos of him in a dress that the New York Times published in a piece on his wedding, and reposted another message that called him a “radical leftist.” 

 In addition to his work at Interior, Cherry is part of a queer DJ collective pushing for a more inclusive LGBTQ nightlife scene in Washington. He had joined the Biden administration during its first weeks in 2021, and previously worked in Democratic politics in Arizona and at the liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America, according to his X and LinkedIn profiles.

 The White House called Cherry an “invaluable member of our team,” according to a statement first obtained by the Advocate, an LGBTQ+ magazine. Interior declined to comment.

 “No one should be targeted simply for being themselves,” the statement said. “This is an administration that believes to our core in the principle that out of many we are one — and we are proud that the people who serve in it reflect those values as well.”

Raichik's juvenile attack on Cherry underscores just how much of a bullshit artist she is. She claims to have started Libs of TikTok to target the so-called sexualizing of children by LGBTQ people. Of course, that was a lie. Just like every other homophobe and transphobe repeatedly in the past, Raichik's concern about victimized kids is nothing more than subterfuge; an excuse to scapegoat LGBTQ people, strip us of our rights and dignity, and endanger our health. She exposed Cherry to ridicule and harassment not because of anything he has done, but because of who he is - a proud openly gay man with a successful career. 

Those qualities are what make people like Chaya sick with resentment. She's nothing more than a bigoted bloodsucker from a long line of bigoted bloodsuckers. She is merely the latest model of hate masquerading her bile. From Anita Bryant to Jesse Helms to Jerry Falwell, LGBTQ people have dealt with her kind so many times. And we have outlasted them. 

 Chaya my dear, we are going to outlast you too.

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