Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Stephen Colbert gives the Values Voter Summit the disrespect it fully deserves

Only Stephen Colbert can stick it to the Values Voter Summit like no one else:

'Paper trail ruins anti-gay activist's denial of homophobia' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Ever since the Human Rights Campaign's The Export of Hate report came out, various religious right figures spotlighted in it have been screeching and complaining about how HRC is exposing them to danger or trying to silence them.

The most annoying reaction has been that of Michael Brown, founder of the FIRE School in Ministry in Concord, N.C., and host of the daily, nationally syndicated talk-radio show “The Line of Fire.”

His reaction has been a folksy, Will Rogers type of "Aw shucks. I don't know what HRC is talking about. I'm only defending Christian values." The low key and semi comedic tone Brown has taken is a deliberate attempt to take attention away from the fact that he not only deserves to be included in Export of Hate, but he also deserves the profile given to him by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Amongst other things, Brown has claimed that:

 gays use youth suicide victims as 'pawns,'

and defended Uganda anti-homosexuality law as necessary to fight HIV/AIDS.

However for my money, the most awful thing about Brown is the video above, which I don't think he has ever disavowed:

During an interview with GOD TV’s Sid Roth of It's Supernatural!, Michael Brown discussed his new book, A Queer Thing Happened To America, about the deleterious impacts of gay rights in America. Best known for its over-the-top promotional ad, A Queer Thing Happened To America focuses on “analyzing the foundational arguments of the gay civil rights movement and exposing the extreme intolerance of those calling for tolerance.” Before the interview, a trailer for the book features a boy at school imagining the terror of having same-sex parents: over-sentimental mothers who bandage his wounds and kiss him before he goes to sleep and dysfunctional fathers who tie his shoe laces and send him off to school. 

I think that when Shakespeare wrote that line about "daggers behind smiles," he had folks like Brown in mind

In other news: 

Facebook Requires LGBT People To Use Real Names Even In Countries Where Homosexuality Is A Crime - Oh Facebook. You are seriously screwing up. 

Are some anti-LGBT activists missing a self-awareness gene? - Or to put it another way - "Anti-gay activists are getting majorly high on their own supply."

 Congressman Defends Anti-LGBT Discrimination With Irrelevant Study - Such is the dangers of ignoring times when anti-gay groups and activists use anti-gay junk science. With no proper push back, these monstrosities make their way to Congress where they can do some REAL damage to the lgbt community.

The anti-gay right LOVES to use junk science against gays

During last night's post, I made reference to an interview the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer conducted with discredited researcher Paul Cameron in 2013. Below is a video of the interview:

Two reminders:

 1. Cameron is a discredited researcher who is head the Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group the Family Research Institute. Almost two decades ago, he was THE go-to man for anti-gay propaganda even though he was known to be a quack who pushed such theories as gay men stuffing gerbils up their rectums.

His work has been cited on more than one occasion by many anti-gay groups from the Family Research Council to the American Family Association. As his history of fraud became widely known, these groups distanced themselves from him without so much as an apology for using him as a source in the first place.

But not totally. Last year, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association conducted an interview with Cameron, allowing him to freely cite the lies which got him dismissed  and censured from the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association in the 80s.

2. Don't take Bryan Fischer too lightly. He may spout outrageously homophobic lies but he has considerable power as a voice of the AFA, including the power to get  US Congressional leaders to appear on his show .

If you aren't alarmed by this, then what is your problem?