Sunday, February 09, 2020

'Billy Porter 'reads' Trump, brings hope during the LGBTQ State of the Union address' & other Mon midday news briefs

Billy Porter reads Trump, but also gives us hope, in LGBTQ State of the Union address - This happened last week and I missed it. However, it is a must view. The "mainstream" media has pretty much ignored Trump's war on our rights and safety, so it's up to us to bring it public and take our stand. Billy pushes us a step in the right direction.

Kevin Hart Reflects On Oscars Hosting Gig Controversy: ‘I Did F**k Up’ - No kidding! Our lives are not jokes, Kevin.Nor is the safety of LGBTQ children.

U.S. corporate giants condemn anti-LGBT laws as economic 'risk' - That's right. You had BETTER believe it.

Md. House committee holds hearing on name change bill - State by state, our fight for equality rages on.

We're Queer, We're Here! We're Black! That's a Fact!

I've posted these two videos several times in the past and I am going to keep posting them to remind folks of the diversity of the LGBTQ community in the past and present. There is so much of our history omitted because the image of LGBTQ seems to always be the same. In reality, we come in all cultures, ethnicities, all regions, all ages, all political persuasions, etc. It is fitting that we remember this during Black History Month. It would be more fitting and appropriate to not wait until Black History Month to keep it in mind.

All of the folks in these videos have been verified, except for George Washington Carver. His life has been a mystery.