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Know Your LGBT History - The Hotel New Hampshire

Don't even try to ask me what The Hotel New Hampshire (1984) is about. It's a monstrosity of a movie which I am guessing isn't the highlight for the careers of Rob Lowe, Jodie Foster, Matthew Modine, or Paul McCrane.

From Wikipedia:

In the 1950s, Win Berry (Beau Bridges) and his wife (Lisa Banes) have five children, John (Rob Lowe), Franny (Jodie Foster), Frank (Paul McCrane), Lilly (Jennifer Dundas), and Egg (Seth Green). The Berrys decide to open a hotel near the prep school that John, Franny, and Frank attend; they call it the Hotel New Hampshire.

It was originally a John Irving novel which should have stayed as such. I hated it.

But at least it does have a decent portrayal of a gay man (Paul McCrane).And where else can you see a gay bashing, revenge for the gay bashing, nudity, and family acceptance all combined in one scene?

Not for the easily offended:

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Refuting anti-gay lies in North Carolina and other Friday midday news briefs

Standing Ovation For North Carolina's James Forrester After Saying Gay People Are 'Unhealthy' - Unbelievable hot mess. And with all due respect, the article merely reported what this man said and offered no refutations. Allow me to. His lie is from either two sources - 1. is the discredited research of Paul Cameron. 2. A 1997 Canadian study. In 2001, the researchers of the study came out complaining as to how the religious right was cherry picking their work to make the phony claim that gay men have a short lifespan. It's not enough to publicized what homophobes say. When we know that they are lying, we need to say this.

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In other news . . .

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NOM is now attacking same-sex families

According to Equality Matters, the Ruth Institute - a group affiliated with the National Organization for Marriage, is pushing nonsense which attacks same-sex families:

On September 7, the Ruth Institute published excerpts from a column written by David van Gend, a spokesman for the Family Council of Queensland in Australia. Van Gend has previously encouraged gay people to “escape the suffering of same-sex attraction” through so-called ex-gay therapy. Yeah, it’s going to be one of those columns.

In his piece, Van Gend makes clear that it’s not just marriage equality he’s opposed to – it’s any law that allows same-sex couples to raise children:
Obviously there are tragic situations where a child cannot have both a mum and a dad, such as the death or desertion of a parent, but that is not a situation we would ever wish upon a child, and that is not a situation that any government should inflict upon a child.
Yet legalising same-sex marriage will inflict that deprivation on a child. That is why it is wrong, and that is why all laws are wrong that permit single people or same-sex couples to obtain a child by IVF, surrogacy, or adoption. [emphasis added]
Van Gend’s full column is also bursting at the seams with anti-gay misinformation, including:
  • Asserting that marriage equality will lead to polygamy
  • Citing MassResistance – a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated anti-gay hate group – to support the (thoroughly debunked) claim that kids are being forced to learn about homosexuality in school
  • Promoting the (also thoroughly debunked) myth that the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) distributed copies of “The Little Black Book” to high school students
Opposing same-sex parenting, repeating long-disproved anti-gay talking points, and partnering with known hate groups – all in a day’s work at NOM.

They just can't help themselves, can they?  Time to add more reasons to my Why NOM is bigoted list.

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