Monday, May 23, 2016

Boycott Target movement just entered the silly season

I don't care what public front they may put up, I am guessing creators of the Boycott Target movement, the anti-lgbt group the American Family Association, aren't exactly happy right now.

From The Huffington Post:

The ongoing right-wing backlash over Target’s pledge to allow transgender patrons and staff members to use the restrooms which correspond with their gender identity isn’t dying down anytime soon. Faith2Action, a group which calls itself a “pro-active launching pad for the pro-family movement,” now hopes to go a step further by organizing a “Don’t Target Our Daughters Day” protest just four days before the retail giant’s shareholders meeting on June 8. Organizers want to designate Saturday, June 4 to be a “moment to stand together” and warn shoppers about Target’s policy allowing “predators and sex offenders” into women’s restrooms and fitting rooms by protesting outside stores.

You'll notice that Faith2Action says nothing about "our sons" being "targeted." That of course is deliberate because the group is a throwback to the days when anti-lgbt groups used shocking, albeit false, videos to demonize the lgbt community. Videos like the following which announces this event:

Now I know you are asking who would make such an insane video like this.

'When the 'moral right' attacked a transgender kindergartner' & other Mon midday news briefs

Special look - The main thing fueling this hysteria over transgender men, women, and children is how the right is presenting the issue. I took two articles from late April to demonstrate what I mean. They both involve a five-year-old transgender child. One is from the Federalist, a publication affiliated with the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation has been working steadily to push back against all forms of lgbt equality. The other article is from the progressive Think Progress detailing the entire situation, including how The Heritage Foundation is exploiting the situation:

The Federalist - Minnesota Parents Sue To Get Trans Classes In Kindergarten

Think Progress It Takes A Village To Bully A Transgender Kindergartner

In other news:

School Policy Says It Can Kick Out Students With Gay Parents - This school is a private Christian school so I, at least right, have no problem with it. But the question is does the school want to keep this policy AND have the right to accept tax money?

Gay Choir ‘Humiliated’ During National Anthem At San Diego Padres Game - This situation is justifiably getting a lot of folks upset and we still don't know why or how this awful thing happened.

A taste of Trump’s anti-LGBT judicial choices - I don't care who the Democratic nominee is. If it's not my personal choice, I am still voting for him/her. LGBTs, including myself, worked too damn hard for our progress (including marriage equality) to take a step back. Equality is not a damn chess game. 

Sandy Rios: Openly Gay Army Secretary Can't Lead Men Into Battle - Apparently Rios doesn't know any black gay men. We have been known to whip serious ass. JUST KIDDING, folks! Rios' silly stereotype of gay men is refuted by historical figures such as Alexander the Great and figures now such as Eric Alva.

Religious right defends security guard arrested for assaulting transgender woman

The situation last week involving a security guard being arrested for assaulting a transgender woman who was merely attempting to use the restroom  brought much needed attention to the prejudices and discrimination transgender men and women face.

And leave it to the false news source One News Now (owned and run by the anti-lgbt hate group the American Family Association) to accentuate this point.

How the incident was reported by a legitimate news source, NBC Washington, Channel 4:

D.C. Police have charged a security guard at a Giant grocery store with simple assault after sources say she had a confrontation with a transgender woman who was trying to use the women's restroom.
The guard, who has not been identified, is a special police officer at a Giant store near Third and H streets in northeast D.C.Police confirmed they had arrested her there earlier today for a confrontation in the store, though they did not reveal details of the arrest. News4 spoke with Ebony Belcher, the transgender woman who said she was assaulted by the officer. Belcher, 32, said the woman came into the restroom and told her to get out. She said the officer put her hand on her shoulder and arm, grabbed her and tried to march her out of the store.
This is how  One News Now reported the incident with a few nauseating changes  including mis-gendering the woman and then falsely labeling her as a transgender man. The article in this publication was copied almost word for word from another right-wing publication, LifeSiteNews:

Law enforcement officers in the nation’s capital arrested a female security guard and threatened her with “hate crime” charges for removing a [biological] man — who claims to be a woman — from a women’s restroom.

The woman security guard — whose name was not released — reportedly asked a “transgender” man on Monday at around noon to leave a restroom located inside a Giant store that was designated for women only.

After refusing to comply with the security guard, the 32-year-old male, who identifies himself as “Ebony” Belcher, made a scene, which ended in the guard escorting the man from the Washington, D.C. retail store.

Belcher recounted that the female security guard insisted that his behavior of frequenting the women’s facilities was not allowed by the law in the nation’s capital — at least, yet.

. . .
Tony Pixley — an eyewitness of the incident — claimed that the dispute between the female security guard and the transgender man evolved into a physical altercation inside the store
Then the article adds this bit, which is in accordance to the transgender women = predators talking point the religious right have been pushing:

Many eyewitnesses did not see things the way LGBT activists and the local police department interpreted the event.

One customer who was shopping at Giant at the time of the incident bluntly expressed that the security guard was simply doing her job and protecting the privacy and safety of women and girls using the store’s restroom — as any normal person in her position would do.

“You got a penis — go to the men's bathroom,” Giant shopper Deana Chisholm reasoned when questioned about the incident by the WJLA television station. “If you are born a woman, go to the women's bathroom — period."

Not only does the right substitute truth for spin, but they obviously can't count. Since when one person is "many eyewitnesses?"