Friday, April 21, 2023

If Ron DeSantis were a drag queen, what would be his stage name?


Let's have some weekend fun and nothing is more fun laughing at the folks who are attempting to undermine our rights, safety, and health as well as stifle our culture Laughter is wonderful medicine. It raises the spirt and cleanses the soul. 

I don't know who created the video below or how (I'm not good with technology). All I want to know is if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was a drag queen, what would be his stage name? Let me know in the comment section.

'LGBTQ kids kicked out with nowhere to go. Life on the streets' & other Fri midday news briefs

LGBTQ kids kicked out with nowhere to go; Life on the streets​ - People don't like to hear this but sometimes parents don't know best. These fools claiming to want to protect children don't even care about these kids.

 Mayra was outed to her mother by a group of classmates, who conspired against her in a cruel ploy to get her to admit that she was a lesbian. They elected one female classmate to pretend to befriend Mayra. The girl falsely claimed to Mayra that she was a lesbian and encouraged Mayra to open up about her own sexuality. After a few weeks of this false courting, Mayra felt comfortable enough to admit to the girl that she was indeed a lesbian too. The group of students behind the ploy then took to social media to out Mayra in a post that would change her life forever. Mayra’s mother, boyfriend, Grandmother, and extended family in the Harris County area all told her that they would continue to deny her any living accommodation or support unless she committed to regularly seeing a priest. “

My dad picked me up by the neck of my shirt and dragged me to my room and handed me a little duffel bag, and told me I could only take what I could fit in the duffel bag. I told him I had nowhere to go. He told me he didn’t give a fuck where I went because I was not staying there. He was not going to have ‘fag’ living in his house.”