Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Trump supporting, anti-vaxxer Congressman blames gay marriage in part for society's 'plagues'

Congressman Bob Good

Members of the religious right and the anti-LGBTQ industry blame us for so many things. Maybe Virginia GOP Congressman Bob Good got tired of waiting for blame us every time something bad happens in the world and instead decided to shoot for blanket scapegoating.

The irony is that Good said this in opposition of a bill designed to curb domestic violence. How's this for another irony - he is not only a strong supporter of Donald Trump but also a supporter of the lie that Trump was cheated in the 2020 election.. He voted to overturn the election. In addition, he has gone on record calling the coronavirus pandemic a 'hoax' and is infamous for spreading a lot of misinformation about the pandemic.

In the days of my youth, he would be called a 'nut' but thanks to today's political climate, he is called 'Congressman' by some and a 'faithful warrior of Jesus Christ' by others. 

It goes without saying that his scapegoating of the LGBTQ community is as bogus as his morality and integrity. To me that's a good thing. One reason is obvious. The other reason is that it would have depressed me tremendously to contemplate that us LGBTQ people have so much power, but  I still can't get Rob Kardashian to be my love slave.

'Historical initiative wants to preserve, tell stories of South Carolina city's LGBTQIA+ community' & other Wed midday news briefs

LGBTQ Columbia History Initiative seeks to preserve, tell stories of city's LGBTQIA+ community - Yep, I hope to be involved. As you know, I live in Columbia, SC  and it's about time South Carolina gets a positive shout out in the community.

Brazil’s anti-LGBTQ president claims COVID-19 vaccines cause AIDS - I feel so sorry for Brazil right now for electing such a jackass.