Friday, January 02, 2015

'Marriage equality set to begin in Florida' & other Friday midday news briefs

Federal Judge Allows Gay Marriages To Begin Across Florida - We won this a long time ago but SOME FOLKS were and still are determined to drag this out . . . 

Despite Federal Ruling, Florida AG Refuses To Direct Court Clerks To Issue Marriage Licenses - . . . for as long as they can.  

New And Disturbing Details Emerge About Leelah Alcorn's Life From Posts She Made To Reddit - The death of transgender Leelah Alcorn is still reverberating through our community as an example of how ignorance and transphobia can take the life of a child. I pray for all involved, including the parents, who are the cause of so much anger. Some folks may get angry at me for this but I stand by it. It has been my experience that a lot of times as they get older, some homophobic and transphobic parents who disown their children tend to come around. Probably because the parents realize how their stringency has caused them to hurt their children and how much needless time is wasted over their own lack of trust in their children. In spite of their misgivings and reluctance, they have the conversation with their child they should have a long time ago and come to an understanding and a degree of acceptance. Leelah Alcorn's parents will never have that luxury. Some folks may not believe this but the time will come when they regret their role in their child's death. God help them because I don't want to be there when they do and when they realize nothing they do or say will bring their child back. It will be punishment enough for them.

Leelah Alcorn And The Quiet Genocide Of Transgender People - More on this awful situation.  

Catholic Organization Cancels Agreement For Same-Sex Wedding Reception; Changes Mind After Uproar - You accepted the reservation in September and NOW you want to change your mind? 'Religious liberty' my tuckus!  
Are Gay Rights Advocates Facing An Uphill Battle For Rights Beyond Same-Sex Marriage? - Uphill, downhill, level field. It don't matter. I'm ready to fight. We will get what belongs to us.

Anti-gay hate group planning something big and especially homophobic for 2015

Tim Wildmon of AFA
"Early next year, AFA will launch a new project unlike any other in the pro-family movement. It’s been almost a year in the making and we’re just about ready to release it.

Because atheists and homosexual activists will go all out to attack AFA and this revolutionary new tool for Christians and their families, I can’t go into much detail right now. But…I can tell you that we have put an enormous amount of work and financial resources behind it."

I got an email asking for money from the anti-gay American Family Association and its president, Tim Wildmon, earlier this week. Included in the ask was the above statement. Apparently AFA has big plans for 2015 and those plans will involve attempting to make life for the lgbt community all sorts of hell.

No matter. I've a couple of plans myself.  And knowing the American Family Association and its reluctance to put a kibosh on the mouth of its most visible member, Bryan Fischer, I'm willing to wager that my plans will succeed and theirs will fail.

Editor's note - part of MY plan includes getting a copy of this free online booklet to as many folks as possible:

How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America

Download your copy now. It's completely free and safe.