Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Trump subordinate - If Trump loses the election, 'the Left' will come after all of us, including your children

Charlie Kirk channels desperation

Longtime Trump subordinate - albeit not directly - Charlie Kirk took a page out of the religious right book of homophobia to make a prediction of what could happen should Trump lose his reelection campaign in November.

 And for those of you that say "Well, it really doesn't impact me, I don't care if Trump goes to prison." Well, first of all, you absolutely should care. Because if we lose, they're going to come after the churches, they're going to come after the organizations, they're going to come after the people, they're going to come after the social media accounts, they're going to come after the bank accounts, they're going to come after every single person that played any form and role into trying to defend President Trump. But social media banning, following in the streets, targeting in every form and fashion. If we lose, if the President loses, they will come for us all. They will come for your children. They will come for your schools. They will come in every fashion. And they won't stop. This idea that the left is all of sudden going to embrace the Christian ethic of forgiveness and moving on, is so short-sighted.


Kirk wasn't specifically pointing a finger at the LGBTQ community. He was speaking about "the left" in the deliberate way conservatives like himself tend to dehumanize Democrats and liberals by painting them as rabid hordes not unlike the zombies in the motion picture  World War Z.  It  would be rather naive for anyone to think that we aren't included in  his characterization.

The grand irony of Kirk's silly paranoid claim is that recently he and his group, Turning Point USA, was discovered to be recruiting teenagers to post disinformation online.

According to Raw Story:

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported on a stealth “troll farm” by Turning Point USA, the right-wing youth group led up by Charlie Kirk, to recruit teenagers to post disinformation on social media — sometimes getting around policies that sites like Facebook and Twitter use to prevent the spread of false political information. “Teenagers, some of them minors, are being paid to pump out the messages at the direction of Turning Point Action, an affiliate of Turning Point USA, the prominent conservative youth organization based in Phoenix, according to four people with independent knowledge of the effort,” reported Isaac Stanley-Becker. “Their descriptions were confirmed by detailed notes from relatives of one of the teenagers who recorded conversations with him about the efforts.”

This latest incident is not the first time Kirk and Turning Point USA have made headline for nefarious behavior. Media Matters for America has an entire page devoted to several conspiracy theories and out-and-out lies pushed by Kirk. And Turning Point USA has gotten into trouble because various members of its leadership have been called out and dismissed for racist comments, postings and associations. This includes a former national field director who once texted:

“I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story.”

It sounds like America - and our children - would be safer in the hands of those opposing Kirk and company. And especially safer in the hands of those opposing Donald Trump.

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