Thursday, September 10, 2020

Fox News ghouls care more about Donald Trump than the Americans harmed by his pandemic incompetence

I am glad someone put this together. Of all the things Fox News and its personalities have done over the years, this has to be the worst.

 On Wednesday, we learned that Donald Trump knew that the coronavirus pandemic was serious but still continued to undermine efforts to combat it. This is a grade A scandal which should be seen as comparative to or worse than Watergate - the scandal which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in the 1970s.

But Nixon didn't have what Trump has - an entire network working to undermine the righteous indignation people are feeling and rationalize all of his lies. I'm talking about Fox News and its personalities. The channel is probably the single reason why Trump has been hanging on by his fingernails even after all of his lies and basic incompetence. It is the number one news network in the country and it operates by over emphasizing Trump's few successes, hiding his many failures, and spinning his poor leadership to the point of inanity.

It's so bad that a lot of people are generally blase about Fox News and treat it like be splashed by a puddle or having bad day with the mindset being that it's simply one of those things which can't be helped so get over it.

But courtesy of the video above,  this time is different.

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