Thursday, December 15, 2016

American Family Association's attack on same-sex families reveals hypocrisy of anti-Christian persecution claims

One thing we have got to make clear is that when organizations like the American Family Association, the Liberty Counsel, or the Family Research Council (and their conservative allies) push this idea that Christians in America are being persecuted, they are pushing an ugly lie which serves to mask their true motivations. And these motivations are to undermine lgbt equality and push our lives and families back into the closet.

If there is any doubt in your mind about this, allow me clarify with a recent event. There is a recent controversy brewing because a children's magazine, Highlights, has chosen to diversify its spotlight to include same-sex families. An affiliate organization with the American Family Association, One Million Moms isclaiming that merely acknowledging that same-sex families exist is wrong because it supposedly "indoctrinates' children into the supposed "gay lifestyle."

AFA's fake news site, One News Now, published a badly written, one-sided article on the subject. I left a simple comment under the article and the following comments is what I received (click on graphic to enlarge it):

My comment:

Sorry guys, but same-sex families exist and if Highlights want to showcase them, then there is nothing wrong with that.

Replies I received: 

Once again, the minority ruling the majority? What's wrong with this picture?

Polygamy exist also
Right and wrong exist
The challenge is to differentiate

 Same sex families exist to destroy themselves and their communities. We can say stop destroying our communities by going against God and getting His wrath upon our communities.

 Murder exist! Rape exist! Human sex slavery exist...should we showcase that as well??

I was disgusted and flabbergasted. But I was also relieved because there was no subterfuge here. There was not nonsensical spin we are always hearing from organizations like the AFA about "Christians being persecuted" or "Christians being forced to chose between their livelihood and faith." This is the true face of the religious right - instigated contempt and hatred for the lgbt communities, their families, and their children. And where there is not hatred, there are sanctimonious tomes about "loving the sinner, but hating the sin."

The grand irony is that in the same issue, One News Now posted an article about an Indiana religious right group attacking an lgbt ordinance.  But according to the article's headline, the group is "fighting for families and religious freedom."

The purpose of this post is not to smear Christians, even those who feel that homosexuality is a sin. The point is to call out the bullshit pushed by organizations like AFA, the Liberty Counsel, the Family Research Council, and others who exploit their beliefs, fears, and egos.

If you bellyache about the perceived persecution of a religion while simultaneously egging on the actual smearing of  families, there is something really wrong with you and your belief system. So-called Christians like these need not worry about persecution from the outside. They have enough internal hypocrisy to deal with.