Friday, August 09, 2013

Know Your LGBT History - A tribute to Bayard Rustin

I have featured my personal hero, Bayard Rustin, before in a segment of Know Your LGBT History but with this week's news that President Obama will be posthumously awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom - the highest award given to a civilian in this country - I thought I would make today's post a special tribute featuring the documentary on Rustin's life, Brother Outsider.

I especially like the name of the documentary because there are so many times in which I feel like an outsider to both the lgbt and black community. The black community doesn't seem to want us as lgbts and the gay community sometimes ignores us, tries to whittle down our cultural specificity, or confines us in ideological or intellectual cages:



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'NOM absolutely furious about upcoming investigation' and other Friday midday news briefs

NOM: Campaign Finance Disclosure Investigation Is A ‘Witch Hunt’ That Violates Civil Rights - NOM should stop whining and follow the law. Just what is this organization hiding? 

US: Californian doctor diagnoses gay patient with ‘chronic homosexual disease’ - This is soooo wrong and it was not meant to be a joke.  

Happy Friday! Here's the AFA's top surrogate calling for my criminalization - Oh look. Bryan Fischer is expressing a wish to jail gays again. Well I wish I had a harem comprised of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jackie Earle Haley, Nate Torrence, Stephen Geoffreys, Lance Kerwin, Rob Kardashian and a clone of the late Michael Jeter but that doesn't mean I'm going to get my wish either, bub. 

 Rios Will 'Not Affirm' That Obama's A Muslim, Only That His Priorities Are 'Islam First and Homosexuality Probably Second' - How come we're not first! The bum! Never trust a man!

Obama is a gay Muslim who ran guns through Benghazi . . . OMG too much crazy!!

This video left me speechless. How many right-wing lies can you spot? It's going to be a long time before I vote for an African-American for president. Some white people just can't handle it!

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper.