Thursday, August 27, 2020

Video - Donald Trump would not protect America from COVID-19. He doesn't deserve a second term.

On Thursday night, Donald Trump will officially accept the Republican nomination for a second term in the White House. Expectantly, he will lie, distort, and basically conjure up bullsh!t reasons as to why he deserves a second term.  There are so many reasons why he is undeserving, but the one which really should stand out is his failure to protect America from the COVID-19 pandemic.

 A true leader would have made decisive and intelligent moves instead of spotty and incompetent actions. A true leader would have listened to medical experts instead of worry about his re-election. A true leader would have made protecting Americans his first priority instead of rushing to get things supposedly back to normal.  But we don't have a true leader. We have Trump. And he screwed it all up. Forget his speech because the one minute and 16 seconds it takes to watch this video is all you need to know.

'Log Cabin Republicans trying to duplicate Grenell's attempt to gaslight LGBTQ people for Trump' & other Thur midday news briefs

Richard Grenell

Log Cabin’s new project seeks to duplicate success of Grenell video
- The gaslighting attempt continues.

Ric Grenell’s Claim Trump Helped Legalize Homosexuality Worldwide Is a Lie, Activists Say - This relates to the above post. 

 GOP resolution condemns org that tracks anti-LGBTQ hate groups with ties to Republican politicians - Another silly and useless attack on SPLC. 

U.S. appeals court sides with transgender student over bathroom access - Just in case you didn't hear, another victory for our community. 

What a second Trump term could mean for LGBTQ people - It wouldn't exactly be nice. It was already hell throughout these years but we gave as good as we were given and actually came out with some surprising victories. Still, it would be better to beat this beast by eliminating the head.