Sunday, January 21, 2024

Joy Reid spotlights the hypocrisy of Moms for Liberty during contentious interview with founder Tiffany Justice

There is a reluctance by some members of the community to see conservative and right-wing personalities being interviewed by members of the media. This is a very credible fear due to pundits being either too accommodating or not having done enough preparation or research on the interviewee. Whether done individually or collectively, all of these factors have resulted in interviewers which right-wing personalities have been able to amplify their false points without the courtesy of a correction. 

 A recent discussion between Moms for Liberty head Tiffany Justice and MSNBC pundit Joy Reid was not one of those interviews.  Reid came prepared and determined to keep the interview getting highjacked. It was a breath of fresh air to watch Reid ask Justice probing questions about why the Moms For Liberty pushes viewpoint censorship under the guise of banning sexually explicit books. Reid named several banned books - such as ones about the Civil Rights Movement and the Holocaust - and asks why are they considered banned. Justice evades the question. 

 It is a contentious interview and several times, Justice throws out sexually graphic words and phrases taken from books which were banned. Reid uses that to point out that Justice is taking things out of context deliberately to shock and scare people while at the same time not knowing anything about the books she's condemning. 

The interviews itself is 12 minutes long. The remaining six minutes is Reid analyzing the interview with two other MSNBC pundits. And that is as enjoyable as the interview itself.