Monday, November 05, 2012

Marriage equality and lgbt political policy - What's at stake in tomorrow election

The above video by the  Full Frontal Freedom demonstrates the importance of tomorrow's marriage equality votes.

In four states, Minnesota, Maryland, Maine, and Washington State, voters will decide the whether or not they support the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry.

It looks good right now. At least one victory would create a huge chink in the armor of the religious right's fight to stop marriage equality.

Of course why stop with one victory. Let's go for a clean sweep and I think it can happen.

Also even if you don't live in any of the above states, it is important that you vote tomorrow. You don't have to decide who you want to vote for based on a single issue, but remember what's at stake.

For better or worse, Obama has been an excellent ally to our community and we have accomplished a lot with him. If he is re-elected, we have the potential to accomplish so much more.

A vote for Romney is a vote for people like Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown and for organizations like the National Organization for Marriage and the Family Research Council.

Imagine them close to the White House and shaping policy which in turn would affect the lgbt community.

If the thought scares the hell out of you or gets you angry, then good. Get your asses up and vote tomorrow.

Don't  sit on your behind, not vote, and then talk about how angry you are at the outcome because this time, the first words out of my mouth to you will be:

"Did you vote?"

And God help you if you say "no."

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'Obama responds to 10-year-old's letter about her gay dads' and other Monday midday news briefs

Obama Responds to 10-Year-Old's Heartfelt Letter About Her Dads - One of the MANY reasons why Obama should have a second term. You think Romney would do this?

 Former Gov. George Pataki Slams Rabbi's Comments That Superstorm Sandy Destruction Tied To Gay Marriage Vote - NY rabbi says Hurricane Sandy is punishment for NY over marriage equality vote. Former Gov. Pataki says "hold up!" 

 Minnesota 'traditional marriage' guy (and Bachmann friend) equates Obama with Hitler, Mussolini - Maybe it's just me but I'm sure neither Hitler nor Mussolini supported marriage equality. 

 NOM Scrambles To Distance Itself From “Worthy Of Death” Rhetoric - If we win the marriage equality vote in Maryland, expect NOM to blame anti-gay pastor Robert Anderson.  

Hurricane Sandy Devastates LGBT Homeless Youth Drop-In Center - Read this post and help however you can.  

Tea Party Group Targets Trans Voters - What the hell? What kinda crap is that?

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NOM waging covert war on same-sex parents and their children

As you can see by the above video, the National Organization for Marriage is exploiting the David Parker controversy. 

The following is the story Parker and NOM wants to push - David Parker, a Massachusetts father was concerned that his son was learning about gay marriage and same-sex relationships in school. He asked that his son be opted out when there were discussions of homosexuality (i.e. same-sex families) because of an opt-out policy involving sex education. Instead of working with him, the school, Joseph Estabrook Elementary, gave him the runaround and subsequently had him arrested.

Of course the truth includes a lot of details which Parker omitted. When his son brought home a book which mentioned a same-sex family (editor's note - Parker's son was given what was called a "diversity book bag." This wouldn't have happened had Parker signed the form which would have opted his son out of receiving the book bag). When Parker informed the school of this, they assured him that "learning about homosexuality" was not a part of his son's curriculum. They also told Parker that opting his son out of discussions of same-sex families was not possible because some children in his son's class are from those environments and children talking about their families isn't the same as learning about sex education. Parker was subsequently arrested for trespassing when he would not leave the school after a meeting with school officials.

It's a story which I and others have debunked repeatedly. Not that it matters, of course because you know how religious right organizations work. Once they find a "good story" about supposedly oppressive homosexuals, they repeat it constantly no matter how many times it has been proven to be false.

But with Parker, there is a subliminal distaste which should be noted and brought to the forefront.

The message of the video seems to be thus - homosexuals want to sway your children's minds while they are young so parents have to be on guard.

The video doesn't talk derogatorily about same-sex families. It doesn't even acknowledge that they exist.

And that's the problem. Same-sex families exist in every state in the country. And there is nothing wrong or dangerous with children being told of this fact because that's what it is - a simple fact.

Same sex families exist and they are as normal as heterosexual families.

An outcome of what NOM is pushing would lead to the children in these households being given covert messages that their families are inferior. And that's wrong.

Why should a little girl or little boy with gay parents be made to feel like there something wrong with their households - and subsequently them -  just to accommodate those who think they have the patent on the word "family?"

So I am with any school who defends the rights of children to be proud of their families.

The video above seeks to erase these families from minds.

But you can't erase something you had no hand in creating.

(Editor's note - the video's like/dislike button and its comment sections are not disabled. By all means feel free to register your opinions of this trash.)  

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