Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Video - 1990 was when the first actual gay wedding took place on American television

Time for another history lesson so bear with me, folks. 

The first televised version of an actual same-sex wedding (not a movie or television series featuring one) took place on an episode of Phil Donahue's classic talk show. Of course it wasn't "legal" but it's still a moment in history. Take a bit of time to watch it, particularly the discussion and the audience's responses. It goes to show that when third parties aren't riling people up with horror stories and false claims about a "gay agenda" people could rationally discuss the issue, even then.

'Arizona bills seeking to regulate, restrict drag shows' & other Tue midday news briefs

These 3 Arizona bills would restrict when and where drag shows could be held - Simply insane. 

Senator introduces bill to regulate drag shows, limit hours of operation in Arizona - More details about this bills. They don't have a good chance of becoming law but it does paint a picture of what possibly could come in other states, particularly Florida.