Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The diapers and lies won in North Carolina

NC Amendment One, State’s Same Sex Marriage Ban, Passes By Wide Margin

It happened. Grieve and mourn for only a second, but then come up and fight like hell. This is no time for self-pitying and slack jawing.

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Good interview about Amendment One this morning on MSNBC

It's been said that if Amendment One passes today, it will be because supporters confused voters. I think a lot of them are confused themselves. This morning on MSNBC, Pastor Mark Harris, and Amendment One supporter debated Jeremy Kennedy, the campaign manager for the Coalition to Protect All NC Families. While being questioned by Thomas Roberts, watch how Harris jumps and dodges.

Hat tip to Pam's House Blend.

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'Black media calling attention to NOM's black/gay wedge strategy' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

The Root on Amendment One and the bigotry of the black-gay wedge strategy - Awesome piece in The Root featuring my blogging buddy Pam Spaulding. Now we need pieces in Ebony and various other African-American publications.

 Hate-Filled Pastor Says Anti-Gay Amendment Would Protect Marriage ‘In The Garden Of Eden’- Because apparently there was such a thing as "Adam and Steve."

New Research Meta-Analysis Makes Compelling Case For Nondiscrimination Protections - Read and learn.

Ken Hutcherson, Anti-Gay Washington Pastor, Wants To Take Back 'Gay' From The LGBT Community - Dude! You are a black pastor. The black church community wouldn't exist if in part it wasn't for gay men. I don't think you will steal anything from us, but certain labels will be attached to you.

Anti-Gay Activist Calls Bill Limiting Reparative Therapy 'Hateful Toward Children' - Apparently forcing children to go through ex-gay therapy (which generally fails and causes psychological scars) is really love.

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A few words of encouragement to my North Carolina brothers and sisters

In the end, those who fight injustice never lose. Those who fight injustice embody the spirit which makes not only this country, but this world what it should be.

Never give up. Never give in. Never allow yourself to be seduced by the orgy of ego if victorious. And if at any time you lose, never give that loss any more power than it deserves, if any at all. Never allow yourself to succumb to the deceptive warmness of the pool of self-pity, discouragement, and hate.

Remember you have been picked to pave a road so that others can easily walk to where they need to be. Every stony place that makes you stumble causing you to skin your knee, every rock caught in your shoe, and every blister on your foot will be one less obstacle for those who come behind you; those who will walk on the highway paved by your tears, your worry, your work. Take comfort in their ability to reach their destination.

And always remember that they can get to where they are going because you not only pointed out the way, but also led the initial journey and drew up the maps.

Keep those fists up, brothers and sisters.

Good luck in North Carolina, folks. I still say that in spite of it all, you won:

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