Thursday, September 15, 2016

'NCAA & ACC boycott getting ugly for NC GOP' & other Thur. afternoon news briefs

Editor's note - If I said it once, I will say it again. I'm going to have to buy a tablet. Today the computers in the public library were offline so that meant no midday news brief. In all honest, this hasn't been a good week in general. Yesterday, I was sick as a dog so I couldn't post but one item. And tomorrow may continue the light posting as I prepare for my blog's 10th anniversary party to be held Saturday.

Just bear with me, folks. You have stood with me for 10 years (and I haven't thanked you all enough for that) so I hope that you can stand with me through this week.

Anyway, enjoy the following news items:

After NCAA, ACC Pull-Out Of North Carolina, Editorials Slam Gov. McCrory For Continued Support Of HB 2 - The fallout from the NCAA and ACC boycotts of NC because of HB2 continues as Gov. McCrory is getting a figurative chunk taken out of him. He deserves it and more. 

NC Republican who voted for ‘bathroom bill’ panics as poll numbers plunge - Enjoy it. You certainly earned it.  

Second GOP NC senator calls for action on HB2 - Two GOP state senators want action on HB2, possibly an appeal. Oh yeah. They are running scared.  

Gay Dads Won't Be Covered by Trump's Maternity Leave Plan - AND she "copped an attitude" when asked about it. She is so saddity.  

Fox’s Sean Hannity Pretends He Doesn’t Care “What Anybody Does In Their Bedroom,” Forgetting His Own Years Of Anti-LGBT Extremism - Hannity once implied that gay men eat each other's feces. As if us lgbts couldn't stand him enough.

NC feeling the heat of boycotts because of HB2

With both the NCAA and ACC boycotting the state because of that awful HB2 law, North Carolina legislators have the eyes of many on them. The question is what will they do? It seems that Gov. McCrory is starting to lose his bravado: