Friday, June 08, 2018

'Did SCOTUS give the anti-LGBTQ right a dreaded 'white elephant' gift in Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling' & other Fri midday news briefs

As of now (things could change), it's looking more and more like SCOTUS handed the anti-LGBTQ right a "white elephant" when it gave them the victory with its 'Masterpiece cakeshop' ruling. 

Let me explain - there is a legend about a certain king of Siam who would give a white elephant as a gift. The reason for the gift was to show his displeasure because the upkeep of the white elephant would eventually bankrupt the person he gave it to. 

It seems to me that SCOTUS gave the anti-LGBTQ right a win in Masterpiece solely on a technicality. As to the general question of using "religious liberty" as an excuse to engage in anti-LGBTQ discrimination, though the court did not touch that subject, Justice Kennedy specifically affirmed the rights of same-sex couples and the LGBTQ community. This had a serious effect on a ruling in Arizona right after Masterpiece. So while SCOTUS handed the anti-LGBTQ right a victory, the win has thus far undermined their eventual goal - the right to use "religious liberty" as an excuse to allow anti-LGBTQ discrimination by secular entities. SCOTUS is very secretive regarding its rulings and such but maybe the Masterpiece ruling was Kennedy's way of saying to the anti-LGBTQ right - "We see you! You ain't slick!"

My point:

Fury and despair over the Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling are misplaced 

Masterpiece case used by AZ court to reject anti-LGBTQ discrimination

‘Masterpiece Cakeshop’ just totally blew up in the face of the hate group that argued it

Wedding Invitation Business Can’t Shun Same-Sex Couples, Arizona Court Rules

 In other news:

Iowa judge overturns state’s ban on Medicaid covering transgender medical procedures - Wonderful!

Why Some Gay Men Hate Pride Parades — And Ourselves - A controversial but needed debate.

Trump Finally Has An LGBTQ Judicial Nominee - And with no catch! I know. Get up off the floor.