Wednesday, February 28, 2018

LGBTQ characters in Comic Books

It's not all 'activism' on my blog. There are days when I feel extremely frivolous. This is one of those days:

If you doubt the veracity of some of these folks, feel free to google them. Although I really didn't need to regarding Catwoman and Harley Quinn. I knew they both got busy with Poison Ivy.

'When 'religious liberty' is used to humiliate the LGBTQ community' & other Wed midday news briefs

When Religion Becomes an Excuse to Discriminate - I continue to be alarmed by folks who think that gays can simply "go somewhere else" if denied service for any reason, including religion. Aside from the fact that if you make excuses to "go somewhere else" soon there will be no where else to go, there is such a thing as simple dignity and respect as the video above proves. The LGBTQ community has every right to demand these things. Being subjected to humiliation and trauma need not be the price we have to pay. We are human beings and our lives have value. We have every right to demand to be treated as such. Period.

Kim Davis Writes About ‘Fist-Pounding Homosexuals’ In New Book - And taking a public and aggressive stand against people like Kim Davis is a part of it all. Instead of being nonchalant and blase, don't forget what her controversy is all about. She makes us look like mean-spirited outsiders, but that's a lie. Gay tax dollars pays her salary and we have every right to yell, scream, and pound our fists at her and anyone who thinks they have a right to our tax dollars without respecting us.

Olympian Gus Kenworthy shared some of his worst hate mail and made a powerful point. - Oh God, this is AWFUL. 

Rapper Le1f shares disgustingly racist Grindr screenshots - But here is terror of the same type in our OWN community. When LGBTQs of color talk about the problems we face with the "I don't date black people. It's just my preference" crowd, we generally get called out. Here is what we LGBTQs of color have been talking about.