Wednesday, September 21, 2016

And now for something completely campy and non-political . . .

Because there are times when even yours truly gets tired of the struggle. And with the election this year, we ALL need a break.

So, instead of a serious post, I present some of the best videos from one of my favorite shows growing up, The Electric Company. And for those asking about certain people - yes, that is Rita Moreno, Morgan Freeman, Denise Nickerson (Violet Buearegarde from the original Willie Wonka movie), and Todd Graff:

'DC Log Cabin Republicans discussing Trump endorsement' & other Wed. midday news briefs

D.C. Log Cabin weighs Trump endorsement - Oh I can't wait for this one (if it's what I think it will be, I think I would rather wait.)

 Scott Lively Hopes To See Passage Of Russian-Style Anti-Gay Laws In America Under President Trump - Scott Lively is low-level trash, but don't discount this notion. I've been tracking the anti-lgbt right for 10 years and the one big rule I follow is that nothing is for sure. What you make perceive as impossibilities become possibilities just enough to cause problems. 

 Pat McCrory’s shifty gambit: N.C. governor tries to blame pro-gay laws for NCAA boycott - Oh look. We're being blamed for yet another thing. It's not going to work.

North Carolina court rejects anti-gay magistrates case - Do the job or quit the job. It's simple.  

When The Alt-Right Attacks - Ah yes. Cowards target what they think is your vulnerabilities. It doesn't matter who you are (in this case though, we are talking about a same-sex family)

Campaign wants transgender community to 'ask them first' before using restroom

What's worse than religious right groups lying about the lgbt community? It's when they get patronizing:

Minnesotans are the face of a new campaign by a national network of anti-LGBTQ organizations. The campaign, #askmefirst, features Christians imploring schools, businesses, and “transgender activists” to ask them for permission before allowing transgender people to use the bathroom.

A video released with the campaign’s launch last week features Emily and Jamie. The video doesn’t say where the duo are from. Their story is about a school that didn’t “ask them first” before making steps to be inclusive of transgender and gender nonconforming youth. The two parents formerly had children at Nova Classical Academy in St. Paul and were outspoken critics of what they call “gender confusion.” Both appeared at a press conference earlier this year with Republican Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen and spoke in support of barring transgender people from using the bathroom.

 In the video released last week, they spoke of a “gender confused student.” Emily said, “This is a battle for our children’s innocence… It’s a battle that I think is worth fighting and I will continue it for other people’s children.”

The Ask Me First campaign was developed by the Family Policy Alliance — formerly called Citizenlink — which provides a network of financial and political assistance for Family Policy Councils throughout the United States including the Minnesota Family Council. 

No, their children's "innocence" is not threatened by transgender boys and girls using bathrooms.  That is a lie which has been refuted continuously. And unfortunately refutations mean nothing to these groups and their supporters because they repeat the lie, as if they believe that constant repetition is the same as truth.

And what's worse is how these ladies claim to be fighting for children. That is the crux when it comes to the absolute moral obscenity of this campaign.

What about transgender children? Don't they have rights? Who is fighting for them? Or do these women, in spite of their perky smiles, June Cleaver personas, and precise talking points, even care about transgender children?

Or could it be that they and the organization behind this monstrosity of a video simply don't care about our transgender kids?