Friday, September 25, 2015

'Twitter HATES Kim Davis' & other Friday midday news briefs

The "People Court of Twitter" has found Kim Davis guilty

Kim Davis Goes On Fox News For Sympathy, Twitter Eviscerates Her (TWEETS) - Even Twitter despises Kim Davis. 

John Boehner To Resign From Congress At End Of October - My friends, anything this monumental happening in Congress will have repercussions for the lgbt community. Boehner has never been our friend, but I do feel sorry for him because in the end, it was the nuts in his own party who drove him crazy. He is merely abandoning The Titanic before it shoves off.

 Biphobia Is Hurting The Health Of Bisexual People - Read and understand.

  If You Think 'Straight-Acting' Is An Acceptable Term, You're An A**hole - PREEEEEACH! I am so proud to call Noah Michelson a friend and one of my mentors (only because he puts up with my Facebook wailings.)