Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Family Research Council whines that the NCAA's support of trans athletes is 'intimidation'

And in the category of  Best Hypocritical Whine of Persecution,  the winner is hate group the Family Research Council for claiming that the NCAA's support of transgender youth against bills targeting them amounts to intimidation:

In case companies hadn't noticed, now isn't exactly a good time to drop a bombshell about radical politics. Either the NCAA hasn't been paying attention to the massive uproar in Georgia, or they don't seem to grasp the intensity of the pushback. Either way, most Americans (including the moderate ones), are fired up about the abuse Republicans are taking over election reform -- and this time, they don't mind saying so. That's bad news for a woke collegiate sports association who's used to dangling a few championship games in front of states and getting their way. 

 When the NCAA first tried this stunt -- way back in 2016 -- it was meddling in the North Carolina privacy bill. Now, five years later, they're upping their extremism by joining the fight against girls' sports. In a statement Monday, the association reminded everyone that their loyalty isn't to women's rights but to "transgender student-athletes," the smallest fringe group of competitors in America. This commitment, they claim, is "grounded in our values of inclusion and fair competition." What it's not grounded in, normal people will argue, is science, morality, common sense, or true equity.

Notice how FRC works a little note in supporting the so-called election reform bills being pushed across the country by the GOP. Aside from demonizing transgender Americans, the group has been surreptitiously pushing support of these bills even though they have been called out for being acts of voter suppression sparked by the lie that Donald Trump lost last year's election due to cheating.

But when it does come to demonizing transgender Americans, FRC isn't any slouch in that department, either. Notice how it speaks about the NCAA's stance not being in grounded in science, morality, common sense, or true equity, when the exact opposite is true.

Science - Many physicians, medical organizations, and researchers have said that these bills have no basis in science

Morality - These bills are a part of a plethora of legislation targeting and scapegoating transgender people - particularly children in general - through disinformation. These bills range from banning trans athletes to denying trans children affirming healthcare. The Family Research Council has played a huge part in this. In one case, FRC deliberately lied about healthcare for trans children by comparing it to "chemical castration." Where is the morality in lying about healthcare while knowing that the denial of this healthcare could be detrimental to children?

Common sense - Supporters of these bills banning trans athletes could not pinpoint any problems which would make them necessary. 

True equity - taking all of these things into account, supporting any of these anti-trans bills, including the one banning trans athletes, has nothing to do with equity. It has much to do with lies, hysteria, and moral panics.

Since FRC peddles the idea that it is an organization which stands up for morality and a "biblical worldview," the following verse from the Bible best describes what it is attempting to do:

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. - Isaiah 5:20

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